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Peter Navarro Insists Trump Will Get a 2nd Term Despite Election Because China, That’s Why

It is probably best to get one thing out of the way immediately so no one has any doubt as we go into this. Peter Navarro came into the administration underqualified and certifiably crazy and is proving that he’s no better now than then. This is a man who was likely picked on the basis of one book and one belief, that China represented everything wrong with this world. (Ironically, a view which Russia would approve whole-heartedly).

So it’s likely best to take everything he says as … crazy. Like this weekend, when he insisted that Trump will get a second term regardless of the election results. Of course, he said it while he was on friendly ground, talking to Eric Bolling of Sinclair broadcasting. Bolling asked Navarro how Joe Biden’s presidency would impact negotiations with China. That did it:

“Well, President Trump is going to get a second term. President Trump is the only president, really the only person in the deep swamp here to stand up to communist China.”

Oh, and he was quite confident, too – seemed upset about Bolling’s “presumptuous” nature. Wait till the election! Or wait till we wait on our tricks on the election!

Because Navarro still had some crazy left in the tank, he said that Biden was totally compromised by China (Soooo ironic talking president’s compromised by other countries), because of something about Hunter’s laptop.

As if that wasn’t enough, Navarro blithely added that China “most likely” developed the COVID virus in a laboratory, which would “most likely” result in the Western World declaring war on China – real war. For exactly one second, let’s just pretend that China thought about developing the virus. Exactly what would China gain by destroying the world economy? You know, the “world” that buys all its shit from China?

We suppose that Navarro wasn’t prepared for that question.



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