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Trump Invites Michigan Lawmakers to WH in Order to Convince Them to Swap Out State’s Electors

Long ago this got out of hand and we have a president who is in the midst of trying to pull off a coup and half the media is attempting to help him, the other half is attempting to keep track of it while acting like it’s mostly just pathetic last-ditch efforts that won’t matter in the end. They are all wrong. It is unconstitutional to pull off a coup, and this shit most certainly matters because Donald Trump could actually do this and we all know how.

Anyone doubting that he’s willing to do it should have all doubts removed now.

As most people know, the Wayne County Board of Canvassers originally voted 2-2 about certifying the election and you know the breakdown, the two GOP reps voted against certifying it. After an angry hour hearing from voters about disenfranchising them, the board voted 4-0 to certify it but have an audit. (Wayne Co. is, of course, Detroit – the largest county in Michigan and nearly all black and nearly all Democratic).

After the meeting, the two GOP officials got a call from President Trump. He was so worried about all the threats they’d been receiving and wondered if there was something he could do, according to USA Today.

Now which side do you suppose is making all those threats? Which side LOST? Which side NEEDS them to not certify this election? There is a hint in that the side that wanted the election certified attended the meeting and testified about the voice and vote not counting. There was no testimony from the other side. Like Trump, they do their talking privately.

So Trump calls, he was very concerned about all the threats. (Probably coming from his side)

Palmer said she did not know how long the call lasted, saying there was a lot of stress and adrenaline that night.

“He was checking to make sure I was safe after seeing/hearing about the threats and doxxing,” Palmer wrote in a text message, referring to a firestorm of information released about her on social media.

Palmer earlier told the Free Press her family had “received multiple threats.” “The threats have been made against myself, my daughter and my husband,” she said. “Reports have been filed with Grosse Pointe Woods police and the FBI.

Trump also called the other GOP representative on the board. He did not call the Democrats on the Board because … because he just didn’t, that’s why.

And after Trump called, the two GOP reps signed affidavits rescinding their votes because they say that they no longer have faith in the audit.

In response to a statement put out by Michigan Republican Party chair Laura Cox praising the Republican members of the board just minutes after they voted against certifying the county’s election results, Trump tweeted, “Well, it’s really quite simple. You just can’t have more votes than people!”

(It’s real simple. They didn’t have more votes than people. He’s making this up.)

What is Trump doing calling these people? If he actually was concerned about their safety (pfffft), he could order the local head of the FBI to call them and say they’ll help keep the MAGAs from bothering them. But Trump made the call.

Who do you suppose made the biggest threat of the night? Both changed their minds after Trump’s call. You decide.

If you aren’t paying attention, start. Trump is in the middle of stealing Michigan. We told you he would put himself in a position where the legislature would send Trump delegates. Trump is calling Wayne County Board of Canvassers, getting them to reverse themselves. What do you think he has in store for the Michigan legislators?

We are in the midst of a coup that may or may not succeed, but it’s on – and few are calling it what it really is, an attempted coup and the country better wake up. There is no doubt who won Michigan. Trump is creating “doubt” to get the MAGAs mad. Oh, and henceforth, no GOP-Trump party voter will accept a Democratic win. Ever.


Peace, y’all
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