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MAGA Rep. Lauren Boebert Lashes Out While the Internet Reverberates Over Possible Conspiracy with Rioters

Yesterday this site broke the story about Lauren Boebert’s possible dark agenda with respect to last Wednesday, the January 6th riot. We set out that Boebert came to Congress as a gun-loving, fringe-MAGA nut, sworn in just three days prior to Wednesday. On Wednesday morning, she arose and declared it to be 1776 on Twitter, and then she went to work. She gave an unhinged speech on the House floor just prior to the rioters flooding the building.

The riots began and the mob stormed the Capitol. It was at that point, with rioters in the Capitol, that she sent two tweets that have the net up in arms, calling for an investigation that might well have already begun, as we’ve heard reports that three GOP representatives are being investigated. (Our report got us blocked so we post her tweets from another account):

Those tweets standing by themselves do not prove anything. If it were a “normal” scared new congressman or woman, it could be interpreted as “This is how bad it is! They just took the Speaker out!” And perhaps, after a serious investigation, that is what Boebert meant. But this is no normal congressperson, and Nancy Pelosi wasn’t the only person rushed out. It has many journalists and people on the net demanding the investigation that is needed to make a determination.

Was she communicating Nancy Pelosi’s position? Were those tweets meant as “Don’t look here, she’s gone,” as instructions? We still don’t know. Yet.

We do know that our report was picked up everywhere and just a few hours later Boebert tweeted the following:

“Conspiracy theories,” says the person who hates the left and believes in Qanon? Or is the pressure just getting to her? She is not a seasoned professional politician and she might be caught up in something far bigger and darker. Many wanting answers responded to her post:

We are not that certain of her role. We are certain she needs to be aggressively investigated.

And it goes on and on and on. This particular Congresswoman is now just finishing her first week in Congress, and already faces a future as dark as her past.


Peace, y’all
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