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McConnell Beating War Drums on the Horizon: Wants Everything ‘Trump’ Wiped from the Party

Mitch McConnell is a lot of things, including being an irredeemable asshole, similar to Trump. But unlike Trump, McConnell is an extremely competent asshole, perhaps the most competent asshole in American history. Additionally, unlike Trump, McConnell does what McConnell does to bend the nation’s political and business landscape to his supporter’s will, not self-aggrandizement. Oh, yeah, last difference, McConnell is still going to be around on January 21st, minority leader as he may be.

One might think that it’s for all the above reasons that McConnell wants everything Trump gone from “his” party, and it most certainly “is” McConnell’s party, at least with respect to most elected GOPers in Washington.

The New York Times reports that McConnell determined that now is the time to head Trump off at the pass, while Trump is at his weakest:

As President Trump prepares to leave office with his party in disarray, Republican leaders including Senator Mitch McConnell are maneuvering to thwart his grip on the G.O.P. in future elections.”


Assert control in the wake of a failed coup, leaving Trump with 29% approval ratings and prosecutors across the land printing up complaints.

Having said that, McConnell will have to deal with a significant voting block that will become increasingly desperate, increasingly detached, and decreasingly predictable. McConnell, being a competent asshole, understands. McConnell also must worry about the growing number of truly insane Qanon-MAGA heads that have been elected to Congress and whether more are on their way in 2022 and whether some of the congresscritters might move up to the Senate and join Tuberville in the “Eating glue caucus.”

In Washington, Republicans are particularly concerned about a handful of extreme-right House members who could run for Senate in swing states, potentially tarnishing the party in some of the most politically important areas of the country. Mr. McConnell’s political lieutenants envision a large-scale campaign to block such candidates from winning primaries in crucial states.

McConnell controls most of the money which means he controls much of the process. But fanaticism and blind allegiance can make up for a lack of funds. McConnell knows this which is why he’s trying to nip this in the bud.

The MAGAs however, and the people that benefit from MAGA money (not the same thing) know this is coming and are prepared:

But Mr. Trump’s political cohort appears no less determined, and his allies in the states have been laying the groundwork to take on Republican officials who voted to impeach Mr. Trump — or who merely acknowledged the plain reality that Joseph R. Biden Jr. had won the presidential race.

Yes, well, that goes almost without saying. The worst thing a Republican can do is follow the constitution over the MAGA man himself and the movement.

This will be an epic clash, one which will determine the direction of the Republican party, or whether there even is a Republican party remaining. McConnell may well win, he’s a competent asshole. But he may win by renaming the party altogether. He must rid those that remain of the stench. Roadkill lingers, especially in the heat. And everything Trump Touches Dies. McConnell’s competence allowed him to barely escape this last time.

Peace, y’all
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