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Melania is DONE: Watch Her Refuse to Stop for Photos After Landing in Florida with Donald

Oh, Melania is done! And as much as the media wants to leave this self-absorbed, petulant, baby in the dirt, one of her last little stunts is just too juicy for people to miss and hit the net hard.

We noted all too often that Melania spent the entire four-year nightmare acting like a spoiled brat. It would be the honor of a lifetime to have one’s spouse, no matter the gender, serve in the White House and thus put us front and center in that effort. When a person receives one of the highest honors on Earth, one that includes living in a majestic palace that exudes seriousness, and a staff of almost 100 to cater to your every whim, for free, you are expected to be gracious, even if it’s an act.

Melania couldn’t even act graciously. She spent far more time letting us know that she had finally reached that station in life to which she had been entitled all along. People finally appreciated her the way she always appreciated herself! No, if you ask Melania, she “earned” everything positive that ever came out from her end of the building and everything that might have been wrong was the fault of the media and Democrats … bad people!

And she had one last last last duty or opportunity to act graciously. As she gets off the most expensive and luxurious passenger plane ever built, one with our flag on it, for the last time, she leaves Donald in the dust when even he knew that he should at least wave to people and the media as a half-hearted thank-you. She doesn’t have half a heart and if she did, it wouldn’t appear to belong to Don.

Wow. Ha ha. Total Mel! She has no fcks left to give! She never had one in the first place! Christmas! Who cares about Christmas! Talk about not caring …

This did not go over well and she humiliated us internationally, again, because this is from the Daily Mail:

Former First Lady Melania Trump made clear that she is ready for a break from the spotlight yesterday when she refused to stop and pose for waiting photographers upon her arrival in Florida – instead striding away from them without so much as a wave while her husband posed for pictures.   

Video of the moment a stony-faced Melania, 50, purposefully walked straight past the media at Palm Beach Airport while leaving husband Donald in her wake has left many with the impression that she is done playing nice for the cameras. 

Soooo long, Mel. We will be checking in, those divorce papers ought to be interesting reading. Maybe we can help! Just kidding. You have had plenty of help and never changed.


Peace, y’all
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