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REPORT: Trump is Like a Rat Trapped in a Cage Trying to Bang His Way Out of Legal Jeopardy

Despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage
Someone will say, “What is lost can never be saved”
Despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage

Smashing Pumpkins: “Bullet With Butterfly Wings”

Jim Acosta from CNN assures us that Trump is acting like a rageful rat in the cage, terrified of legal jeopardy. From Rawstory:

The president is trying to gaslight the country again,” said Acosta. “He’s lying to the country again, trying to rewrite history, trying to reimagine reality so his base, and I imagine some is that the Republicans like Mitch McConnell, might give him a pass during the impeachment trial. But no question about it, his advisers and his lawyers have been pleading with him, have been begging him to turn down the rhetoric, to tone down his language, and to come out and condemn violence. He does that in this video, but of course, this is like the arsonist-in-chief saying only you can prevent forest fires.”

Lying to the country again?

He stopped? Of course, he’s lying, he’s trying to communicate, ergo, lies. One way to lie is to rewrite history. But if he’s thinking that rewriting history might give him a pass on the impeachment trial, we’re sorry, we haven’t even seen all the video from the riot yet and the investigations are just getting going. More is sure to come as it has day by day.

“This is a president who will light the match whenever he gets the chance,” continued Acosta. “Toward the end of this video, he is throwing out red meat to his base, talking about being canceled on social media and so on. So even when he’s given the opportunity to tamp things down, to say the right things … he still can’t resist the opportunity to throw out the red meat to the base. 

Just like when he shot the video during the riot. “We must have peace,” right alongside “It was a rigged election, we won that election, but now we have to have peace,” yes. He will always throw out red meat to his supporters.

This is once again the president like a rat trapped in a cage, desperately trying to do anything to bang his way out of the mess that he’s gotten himself into, and he can’t do it this time,” Acosta added. “It’s over. He has betrayed this country, and he’s being held responsible for it.”

He betrayed his country last time. “I need you to do me a favor, though.” He betrayed his country by firing Comey in the midst of the Russian election. He betrayed his country by pardoning the men who took the fall for him. He betrayed his country when he said “Russia are you listening.” He has done nothing but betray his country. And in his last week in office, some Republicans are still wondering if they should do something.

Amazing. He is a rat, and hopefully, we will see him in a cage soon.


Peace, y’all
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