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Sean Hannity Says Democrats Want to Put Republicans Into Reeducation Camps

Sean Hannity has it all wrong. He thinks we want to reeducate Republicans, send them to reeducation camps.

You cannot “reeducate” someone if they were never educated in the first place. No one cares if Hannity’s viewers simply must be conservative. If conservatism is hardwired into their brains, there’s not a hell of a lot to be done. We do care enough about two things that we’d love a shot at simply educating them.

We would like to discuss racism, sexism, homophobia, all that, and how it is horrific to judge people based on race, education, sexuality, all that liberal stuff. We honestly do suspect that a lot of them don’t know any other way. They have been surrounded by that kind of hatred all their lives to the point that they might not even consider themselves racist. They just have inclinations, ones that hurt and can kill. We do wish we could educate some of them on the celebration of differences.

But any such education requires one to talk about some basic facts. Sadly, no one’s educating or reeducating anyone until the Right appreciates that there are such things as “facts” and the truth can be found and ascertained. Real truth, not “their” truth. There is no reaching the Right if they are still held under the sway of propaganda.

People often confuse propaganda’s end goal. The media and the people that manufacture propaganda are not attempting to get the listener to believe any single version of a story. No, the entire goal of propaganda is to wash away the belief that the truth exists at all. Propaganda is meant to convince people that everything asserted – by anyone – comes with an angle, everyone is trying to manipulate everyone, no one can be trusted, the truth cannot be known because everyone is shading things “their way.”

So Sean has it all wrong here. There is no point in “reeducating” anyone until people can sit down and agree, “Here is what’s happened, this is the situation, these are the decisions that need to be made.” We cannot do it because they cannot do it. So long as the front page of the New York Times is thought to be “fake news” there’s no educating anyone. Sean has nothing to worry about:


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