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The ‘My Pillow Guy’ Says Don’t Worry, Trump Will Stay President, ‘A Lot of Evidence Will Come Out This Week’

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell, like others before him, took the opportunity to blame the Antifa for Wednesday’s deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol building and claimed that Donald Trump will be inaugurated on January 20. Lindell frequently espouses this sort of nonsense and fervently believes in the QAnon conspiracy theory.

Monday, in an opinion piece for Charisma News, Lindell, espoused the delusional idea that Trump will retain the presidency, Joe.My.God reports.

“Please give everybody confidence that Donald J. Trump will be our president for four years,” he writes. “A lot of evidence will come out this week, and everyone needs to be praying for protection for those of us standing up to this as it is the only time we have to fight this evil and suppress it.”

But really what are Lindell and these people “standing up to?” the right to terrorize people for doing their jobs? The right to incite violent racism and hatred towards immigrants? Because he’s certainly not calling out Wednesday’s riot for what it was — an armed insurrection that turned into a failed coup. An attempt to derail the Constitution and everything most of us hold dear.

No, Lindell never writes anything remotely sane. That’s just not his bag. Suppressing others with his religion, however, is.

“This is a blessed time in that election, thanks to all of us who voted, had so many voters — 6 million more than they had planned — that it broke the algorithm they were planning to use to cheat,” he writes.

Really? Which algorithm is this fool talking about? Unsurprisingly, he never says. Probably because it doesn’t exist. These people routinely parrot nonsensical gossip they heard on whatever media site, which fortunately isn’t Parler, but they have their places where they can spread their venom.

Lindell spreads the fallacies even further, misstating the number of votes Trump and President-elect Biden received.

“If it has not broken the algorithm, we would all be waking up the next morning, and it would have all been over.” He writes. “Instead, we got 6 million more votes than they planned — over 80 million, and Biden didn’t even get 68 million.”

“I want America to see what I have seen. This is a fight for everything this country stands for, and I want everyone to know that 100% Donald J. Trump is going to be president, and we all need to be praying for God’s will and for protection for all the people involved.”

Even if that means two Capitol police officers have to die for that “protection.” For people who were attempting to kill lawmakers who were just doing their jobs.

Some may criticize me for writing about people like Lindell, but I do this because I believe these people must be outed. These people are the ones who are truly dangerous to the U.S., not the Antifa that he continually lies about.

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