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Trump is Upset That His Rioting Supporters Looked So ‘Low Class’ on TV

This is really rich.

How does one topple the world’s oldest democracy with class? Conservatives always say Melania is classy, so how would Melania plan a coup?

We aren’t exactly sure. But that is apparently what Trump wanted, a high class, or mid-range siege. Fascism with flare, or “WASP-like” taste, so to speak. Perhaps Trump wanted ninjas to run through the halls, like the kind he’s seen in movies. That’s cool. Maybe knights riding up?

We don’t want to be flip about this, not at all, but exactly how does one handle a president who watches his people tear into the single biggest federal monument “enthusiastically,” according to the report, but was let down that only trailer trash would sign up to loot and kill?

Does he even look around at his rallies? George Will isn’t frothing at the mouth yelling “MAGA!”

We cannot know what goes on in Trump’s mind. It is entirely possible that he actually believed that people crashing into the halls of Congress would make Congress rethink everything and say, “Wow, the people really do want this election investigated until Trump wins, we best do it,” when every mature person with any education or history would easily predict it would have the opposite effect.

Perhaps only when it didn’t work did Trump start thinking it looked all “low class,” they wouldn’t fight hard enough. Or, perhaps, reports that off-duty cops and ex-military personnel participated led Trump to believe they’d all look like special forces, more professional. We don’t know. We only know the reports:


We are actually more drawn to that word than “low class.” Who among us watched the events “enthusiastically?” We watched with horror, sadness, fury, and a ton of other adjectives, but not that one. It is telling that the adviser used the word because that’s almost surely a sign. Trump wanted to see just this type of thing, someone watches the Super Bowl “enthusiastically,” not a plane crash. It means Trump intended to hurt the United States and hurt the people in that building.

Indeed, we suspect that what bothered Trump is that the people didn’t do this more solemnly, more business-like, more professionally, and far more effectively. Thought of that way, it starts to feel more real. Regardless, the word used was low class.

His mob killed a police officer and hurt many others. It appears that Trump thinks this is the type of thing that requires people with more taste, elan, and style. That or professionals who will do a lot more damage before giving up without a fight. He is as sick as they get and needs to be removed before the weekend.


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