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Richard Grenell Demands White House Press Secretary ‘Apologize to the Gay Community’

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is facing ongoing criticism for a comment she posted on Twitter last August that is being rightly called out as “homophobic.” Psaki, formerly a paid contributor for CNN and she has served as a communications director Obama administration. That post enabled her to offer valuable insights into the messaging strategies and tactics employed inside the Trump administration, according to Mediaite.

So one would think she’d be astutely able to avoid making controversial comments. And while she is almost certainly head and shoulders above Kayleigh McEnany, the recently departed press secretary, her post aimed at Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is highly offensive.

The tweet I’m referring to is this:

Some progressives have used the derisive hashtag #LadyG to mock the senator, who went from being one of President Donald Trump’s biggest critics to one of his most ardent supporters. The suggestion behind this crude hashtag is that Graham is closeted and worried that Trump will out him as homosexual. Graham, a bachelor, has repeatedly denied he is gay. Frankly, that’s something that by now, shouldn’t even matter. We all need to be bigger than this and knock it off with the labels.

And for many people, “LadyG” is offensive. The world of identity politics is changing rapidly and while I think Psaki will do well in her new job, this is something she needs to be made aware of.

In other words, no one would mind if she offered an apology. Graham is possibly the most annoying human in the U.S. but even he doesn’t deserve something like this. I’m the last person on Earth to ever agree with conservatives but many of them are taking her to task over this and I can’t blame them.

Former Acting Director of National Intelligence under Trump Richard Grenell believes Psaki must apologize to the gay community.

Others feel the same way. Here’s a sampling below.

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