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Right-Wing Pastor Says Texas Storm Was ‘Scientifically Impossible’ and Blames ‘Weather Manipulation’

Message to Coach-Minister Dave Daubenmire of “Pass the Salt Ministries.” Go outside your house, look up in the sky. That thing you see is called “weather.” If you have “weather” above your home, it is – by definition, scientifically possible.

Sorry, we had to “clear up” (ha ha) a few terms before we set out former Texas coaching legend, turned minister/conspiracy theorist Dave Daubenmire’s latest. This is the guy who sued the NFL for having Shakira perform at halftime. A lot of us thought that the halftime show was bad and probably in bad taste, but we didn’t think it was something to sue about. Besides, a lawsuit like that would be like an admission that we are not able to control ourselves and our urges and we expect the nanny-state to do it for us.

If it sounds like we’re talking in Dave Daubenmire language, we are. This guy is such a loon that his eyes are red and he swims funny. His latest is that he watched a video which he says proved that the storm that hit Texas was “scientifically impossible” and therefore was a product of manipulation. Daubenmire is correct in saying it was a bad storm, he listed off some of the victims, “cows, pigs, and goats,” not once saying “people caught by surprise that the power grid failed for the second time in ten years in a state run by Republican.”

He won’t go there.

The storm was bad, almost enough so that we wish we could manipulate the weather in acute situations and not just slowly, year by year, upping the temperatures and creating polar vortices that create situations where the temperatures in northern Greenland are higher than those along the Gulf coast. (Yes, that has happened.) It takes climate change.

But try explaining that to this guy, who admits it is crazy because he puts a tinfoil hat on:

Interesting. Not the weather stuff but the fact that this guy has an audience.

Some of the better responses, below:


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