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Now Trending, ‘#Lauren Boebert is So Dumb’ After She Misspelled Her Own Name, and it is HILARIOUS

It really is important that we include our usual disclaimer.

In no way do we think that Lauren Boebert is “stupid” because she dropped out of high school. If one looks around the entire world, formal education is really a luxury that some do not have. She did not drop out because she was failing, though we seriously doubt she was a star, either – there were ways to prevent pregnancies.

However, it is necessary for people of all ages to continue to educate themselves throughout their life. Intellectual curiosity seems like a must, reading mandatory, and then there is the unforgivable. If one is going from owning a restaurant to being a member of Congress without even having had high school government in one’s senior year (because one didn’t have a senior year), then one is obligated to spend six months studying both the procedures and major issues one might face.

The failure to do so is either due to laziness, stupidity, or both. With Lauren, we strongly suspect it is both. Thus it is that on this Sunday without a ton going on (yet) #Lauren Boebert Is So Stupid is trending number one, and we wanted to bring a few clever ones over.

Some are true:

It looks like something a normal person could do, correct? Thumb into one’s phone and miss the “e.” Yep, we could do it. Unless we were a representative in the United States House of Representatives and wouldn’t put out any official communication without it reviewed and edited by someone because we’re professionals.

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Two things: Unfortunately, the above is true. He was 24 at the time and the victim was 16. That is pretty bad. Additionally, Lauren was 18 at the time and they married a year later, making their dating thing a bit dicey in terms of age/pregnancy issue.

Below – We are disgusted by the top of the tweet written by the poster, but we do consider HER portion below extremely stupid:

And the last one below, we wonder if it is true:

Peace, y’all
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