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Trump Bootlicker Charlie Kirk Says Prince Harry is a ‘Metrosexual Beta Male’ — Immediately Regrets It

Charlie Kirk, the conservative commentator who founded the right-wing student group Turning Point USA is known for some off-the-wall opinions, and the recent tell-all interview between Oprah Winfrey and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is no exception.

On his podcast, The Charlie Kirk Show, Kirk focused most of his attention on British Army veteran Prince Harry, 36, Newsweek reports. His comments went well beyond weird.

“We know Prince Harry is a metrosexual beta male and really is lacking in almost all testosterone,” Kirk said as a prelude to listing a series of grievances he has with the couple and then concluding that Meghan Markle is a “tradition-destroying leftist.”

This from a man who thinks wearing a mask can make you sicker and actually infect you with coronavirus. Despite, of course, what the health experts say.

Kirk also referenced Meghan’s claims that while she was pregnant with their son Archie, some in the royal family were concerned about “how dark his skin might be when he’s born,” and of course he couldn’t resist questioning the credibility of Markle’s allegation.

“I don’t think anyone said it,” Kirk told his listeners. “I think she’s making it up like Jussie Smollett. I think someone said something completely different in a different category and she’s using it now to go make people feel sorry for her.”

Kirk was referring to actor Jussie Smollett, who was found guilty by a grand jury of allegedly lying to law enforcement about being victimized by a hate crime in 2019.

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Kirk is as white-privileged as you get and knows nothing about racism. That doesn’t prevent him from talking about it anyway, however, and the video above, posted to Twitter by Media Matters for America’s Jason Campbell has been viewed more than 1.2 million times.

And opinions, he has them. Even if they are the wrong ones.

“Are we really now going to blame racism for the alleged oppressed life of Meghan Markle? Is that going to be the consensus point?” he said.

In the hour prior to the publication of Newsweek’s story, Kirk’s name was shared on Twitter more than 2000, with Kirk himself retweeting the clip and asking “Where’s the lie?”

In response, the Daily Beast’s Justin Baragona tweeted “Prince Harry was an Apache helicopter pilot who served two tours in Afghanistan. Charlie Kirk once cried about being violently attacked and threatened by antifa when a protester poured water on his head at breakfast.”

Those two tours of duty meant that the Taliban placed a price on his head, noted writer Charlotte Clymer.

“Prince Harry spent 10 years on Active Duty in the British Army, deployed to Afghanistan twice, qualified as an Apache aircraft commander, literally had a price put on his head by the Taliban, and yet… Charlie Kirk and his ilk basically traffic in fragile male masculinity.”

I think Clymer put that quite well, don’t you?

But sadly, others have jumped on the bandwagon and are attacking Harry and Meghan. This includes right-wing pastor Shane Vaughn, whom I wrote on Monday after he said we should thank Donald Trump for the upcoming stimulus checks. According to Right Wing Watch, Vaughn compared Harry to King Solomon, who he said, lost his kingdom because his wives corrupted him.

Sure. Whatever dude.

People like Vaughn and Kirk live in QAnon biblical fantasyland. If they are confronted with too much reality their little brains start buzzing and short circuit.

So let’s leave them there.

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