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OAN Host Says, With a Straight Face: ‘Joe Biden Is Not A Legitimate President’

In some ways, the One America News Network seems about as reliable as some of the right-wingnuts I write about on so many occasions — people like Johnny Enlow, Pat Robertson, Paula White — you know, those people. The network has gained a reputation for some pretty bizarre reporting and, according to MediaBias/FactCheck, that reputation includes poor sourcing, promoting conspiracy theories, failing fact-checks, and pushing propaganda. It’s considered far-right, and from the looks of things deservedly so.

Which brings me to OAN host Christina Bobb.

Her theories are no less bizarre and she sounds like she’d be perfect for Alex Jones’s InfoWars. She’s pushing the “Joe Biden is not a legitimate president shtick,” and let me tell you, this is getting pretty old. But wait, she’s even blaming “greedy Republicans” for this. Now there’s a thought.

Media Matters for America notes:

“The only reason the last four months make any sense is because we can now all see that Joe Biden,” she said on the April 25 edition of OAN’s The Weekly Briefing. “The so-called Biden administration is a group of radicals that nobody wanted in power — Kamala Harris — and they devised an evil scheme to steal our election, and did so successfully thanks in large part to greedy Republicans who refused to fight back. They wanted their title and didn’t care about the state of our country.”

Which greedy Republicans is she referring to? There are so many.

As for nobody wanting Biden or Harris in power, then why is it that 81,284,098 Americans voted for Biden, as opposed to 74,222,958 for Trump?

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Arizona is currently holding a GOP election audit, something that’s unprecedented, and the Democratic Party has filed a lawsuit to keep it from going forward, and as you might expect, Bobb has something to say about that as well.

“The Arizona election audit has begun and the entire country knows it will unravel the Democrats’ schemes from 2020,” Bobb said. “That’s why they’re so scared, and that’s also why they’re making crazy, radical power plays like trying to pack the Supreme Court and H.R.1. They know we’re on to them and we will get rid of them. They must solidify their power by any means necessary because they know their days are numbered.”

Bobb never offers any evidence for her claims and then makes more unsubstantiated claims.

“There’s no hiding anymore,” Bobb said. “They’ve been caught. They’ve been caught in bed with China, Russia, and Ukraine. They are partnering with our adversaries against us. They want world control and domination. The United States Constitution and everything we stand for is in the way. Donald Trump is in the way. They may have successfully removed him from the White House, but they haven’t taken his power.”

I don’t think Bobb understands how ridiculous she seems when she claims the Democrats are “in bed with China, Russia, and Ukraine.” We already know Trump didn’t develop a winning strategy with China but he used Russia and Ukraine when it suited him. If this woman worked at a well-respected newspaper or more credible network she’d get laughed right out of the building.


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