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Trouble in Paradise: Trump Aides Reject Matt Gaetz’s Request for a Meeting with Donald Trump

Matt Gaetz is learning a hard lesson. One may have a lot of “friends” (or, in Gaetz’s case, more hangers-on) when one is a popular guy on Fox News every night, defending all things MAGA. But the moment one faces legitimate criminal accusations, especially hideous and hedonist accusations, one can find oneself on an island without a friend to be found.

Amazingly, Matt Gaetz’s invitation to speak to a political group known as “Women for America First” was not rescinded, despite the fact that we cannot think of a less appropriate group to which to speak. The women in the audience may see a predator. On the other hand, MAGA women are not the average progressive women, and perhaps they can set aside the accusations long enough to at least hear the MAGA message. They didn’t “cancel” him as was their right. They must have a reason. From Mediaite:

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) was proudly defiant when he addressed a “Women for America First” event at Trump National Doral on Friday, shrugging off the sex trafficking scandal that threatens to end his political career and personally thanking former President Donald Trump and “MAGA Nation” for their support.

But Trump’s support seems to have some harsh limits. According to a new report by CNN, Gaetz attempted to schedule a meeting with Trump while he was down in South Florida, “but the request was rejected by aides close to the former President, who have urged Trump not to stick his neck out to defend Gaetz.”

Rejected by Trump. The rejection would be a matter of course from any other ex-president. But over the last week, we reported on the fact that Trump wanted to vocally support Gaetx but aides talked him out of it. What followed was one hell of a Twitter argument back and forth between Gaetz and Gaetz his accusers in the media.

CNN first reported that Trump aides blocked Gaetz’s requests:

Trump aides jumped in to quash the story, whether true or not:

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No, it sounds more like real news.

All of this rings true. Gaetz is radioactive right now. Trump may not recognize it – what does he recognize? – but his aides sure do.
Peace, y’all
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