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Watch MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross Tear Into ‘Princess’ Meghan McCain’s Black Hairstyles Because it is AMAZING

Oh, this is so much fun to watch.. Anything that makes you cheer from the couch has to be good, right?

Earlier this week, we reported on the cruel irony of Meghan McCain complaining about identity politics. McCain ranted about identity politics and the need for Asian representation in the U.S. government and brought up the fact that there had never been an Asian woman on The View. She asked whether one of them should lose their job to make room for an Asian woman. Meghan pleaded, “What about qualifications…???”

Yes, the rich, white, blonde, girl – whose dad was a famous U.S. Senator and presidential candidate, whose mom is wealthy beyond shame, and who had no previous television experience, is the one talking about qualifications.

Wonderful, strong, black woman, Tiffany Cross, one of MSNBC’s rising talents – one that finally has her own show on the weekend, took exception to Meghan talking about “qualifications” and whining about identity politics and let McCain have it.

From Mediaite:

“This morning, I’d like to have a conversation about identity politics, and a princess, called Meghan,” said Cross to open her commentary. A photo of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry appeared on screen, and Cross said, “Nope, not that Meghan.”

A picture of Meghan McCain popped up:

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“Ah, yes. This one. Meghan McCain.”

Tiffany then brought up Meghan McCain’s chiding Sens. Tammy Duckworth and Mazie Hirono, from which Meghan launched her speech on qualifications.

In response, McCain, whose talent as far as I can tell is finding great Black hairstylists and benefitting from nepotism, had this to say,” said Cross to introduce the clip of McCain asking if one of The View‘s hosts should “be leaving” in order to make room for an Asian-American host.

“Yes. One of you should definitely lose your job,” said Cross pointedly. “I’ll give you two guesses, but you’ll only need one.”

The “black hairstylists” makes it art. Every white woman – and man – knows that if one is going to a formal occasion, or even a prom, and needs hair and nails done, one goes to a salon run by black women. Black women know how to present. But then Cross brought up Meghan’s lack of a background in media and then went back to qualifications.

“But yes, let’s talk identity politics,” Cross said after the montage. She then told her audience that the phrase “identity politics” was coined by a trio of feminists, including writer Barbara Smith, saying the intent was “articulating Black women’s struggle at the nexus of race, gender and class oppressions.”

“But just like with hairstyles, Meghan, we’ve watched you twist it, braid it, and lock it so it benefits the warped presentation of your clumsy and ill-informed thoughts.” 

“When one unconsciously ascribes traits that you don’t like about yourself and attribute them someone else. Like, I don’t know, if my only talent was who I was related to, I might assume that everyone else had some similar, unfair advantage, you know?”

“Everyone deserves to see themselves reflected in this space. And as someone who grew up yearning to see my lived experience reflected back to me, and then had to crawl, claw, and fight at every turn to take up space in broadcast media, I simply ask: How dare you?”

“From now on, I hope you speak less and listen more, and take a little time to enjoy this view.”

THAT is called a takedown and one that Meghan “richly” deserved. We gave it our shot the other day, but we didn’t do it as well as Tiffany – who does a lot of things very well – and thus we brought you her “View.”

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