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Consensus: ‘If Trump Is Not Prosecuted for January 6th He Will 100% Do It Again, We Mean 100%’

A rolling wave overtook Twitter Thursday night and one couldn’t escape it if one tried.

It might have started earlier in the week when Rachel Maddow woke up the left by blasting Merrick Garland for allowing some of the most corrupt and ridiculous policies under Trump to move along, unabated, including allowing the DOJ to defend Trump in his defamation case filed by a woman seeking his DNA that could change everything.

Rachel usually directs her fury toward the right. She might have gone harder at Garland because he was supposed to clean this up. We were told he was not political, only dedicated to the law. Perfect, where the fck is he?

The entire reason that so many people worked hard around the country to get Joe Biden elected by seven million votes was that people were sick of the corruption and incompetence. The January 6th commission failed, not because of Republicans (of course, in a sense) but because a Democrat, Joe Manchin, refused to push the investigation, not a prosecution, not a referral to DOJ, “just” an investigation.

And so now what? Yes, yes, we all know. The wheels of justice turn slowly and a person only gets one shot at the king and one better damn well hit him. So far, no one has. We don’t count anything that happened in Trump’s actual term, he was so corrupt that he built his own moat around the White House. But even though Garland’s approval took some time and even though justice moves slowly, we should, at the very least, be hearing reports about what really happened. We read McGahn’s testimony clearly, as clear as Evian, establish that Trump flat lied in his written answers under oath.

That’s perjury and at that level, it’s a felony. Where is the referral to DOJ? It is just one crime, it’s clear, it’s self-proving. Begin the investigation and indictment. What happened to the pardons for profit? Where are the Deutsche bank records? Why did Garland go to such lengths to protect the Barr memo, “disingenuously” justifying the decision to not charge Trump with obstructing of justice, when a federal district court judge ordered it published?

We don’t know. We do know we’re getting restless and our own reporting has had an increasing intensity over the last two weeks. It will take time to clean up the Superfund site that is the DOJ and White House, but we should at least have some announcements regarding investigations by now. Instead, one gets the sinking feeling in one’s stomach that the administration desperately wants the focus on the Biden domestic agenda that they don’t want the process to get in the way.

That type of thinking has hurt the country before. It is what led us to this point, it led us to Trump. This site has been consistent for the last year and a half, consistently saying that the decision to prosecute an ex-president is a monumental one that should only be brought by the United States Federal Government, bring the force of the “The United States of America versus…” and not any single state. There are big risks to prosecution for crimes like obstruction of justice. But whatever decision is made regarding prosecution there is no way to clean anything so long as the crimes committed behind the scenes remain behind the scenes.

Last, the Republicans are doing all they can to whitewash January 6th. Why? Why are they afraid of an investigation of a bunch of juiced-up MAGAs? Right? Isn’t that all it was? Weren’t some of the “agitators” from the left? That’s what we’ve been told. So, what’s the problem? Occam pulled out his razor and sliced through everything, saying that there is really only one reason and that is that an investigation will hurt the Republican party because the January 6th matter didn’t start with incitement, it didn’t start with planning by Proud Boys and Oath Keepers. No, Occam keeps saying that the guy who had the most to gain, the only guy with anything to gain, was somehow involved. And because the Republicans take direction from that guy, there is no investigation. Start investigating, Merrick Garland, announce it!

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We cannot prove it, but that is the point. What are the Republicans protecting, if not the truth about Trump? It is time to investigate and if he led the attempted coup, it is time for the most serious of charges, the ones we’ve always said required prosecution. Perhaps that is why the irreplaceable Dean Obeidallah is leading the charge and setting out the truth with clarity:

When has this not been true? In business, with women, in government, especially after his impeachment, when has this not been true? Trump is held back only by what he fears and with respect to unleashing his MAGAs, he has nothing to fear, unless something is done. And the wave crashed Thursday night:

Twitter was and likely will remain awash. Something is happening. There is a tremor going through the left. We don’t see enough happening and there is both a sense of dread and a sense of resolve to force this to happen. Biden has been surprisingly aggressive in his liberal agenda. It is now time for Biden to instruct Garland to get aggressive investigating “issues within the federal government.” (Biden should never order an investigation of any one person. That is what Trump did and a major part of the problem. But Biden most certainly does set priorities, he doesn’t direct cases.)

Charge Trump now, or – at the very least, do some press conferences about where investigations stand and the DOJ’s priorities with respect to these issues. Trump’s sick and corrupt DOJ must be fumigated or it essentially remains the same law firm, still serving Trump’s needs.

Peace, y’all
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