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Fox News Host Calls for Vladimir Putin to Assassinate Joe Biden

Ugh. Fox News is truly God-awful.

On Fox News’ The Five last week, co-host Greg Gutfeld “joked” about Vladimir Putin assassinating President Joe Biden. HAHA, so funny, right? The topic of discussion was the Russian cyber attacks against the US. As usual the topic quickly morphed into an attack on climate change and on Biden.

The panel attacked Biden for even choosing to meet with Putin. Co-host Dagen McDowell has had a complete change of heart with Russia since FORMER PRESIDENT Trump lost the election. She claimed talking to hostile countries is just weak. Dagen considered any meeting a gift to Russia.
How quickly they forget that the Russian cyberattacks happened while Trump was still in office.

Harold Ford Jr. asked Greg Gutfeld if Biden should meet with Vladimir Putin. Gutfeld took a contrarian position, but for a vicious reason.

“I gotta disagree, if he holds firm you know, there’s going to be something we can get out of this. There’s going to be something if Putin decides to have them killed (Gutfeld gives a thumbs up) that’s something. You know? It’s possible,” Gutfeld replied. Fox News then immediately cut to commercial.

How long will it be before openly calling for the assassination of President Biden will become the norm? Can you imagine the Republican reactions if Rachel Maddow hoped Vladimir Putin would do the same to Donald Trump and his envoy? It would be covered on Fox News 24/7. And this happened a week ago and it barely got any coverage whatsoever?


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