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Power Broker George Conway says Trump Admin Acted as a Criminal Conspiracy in Final Weeks

We will once again note in one sentence that George Conway, Kellyanne’s husband, is one of the single most powerful lawyers in Washington DC and he didn’t get that way by accident. He knows what he’s talking about.

Now, Conway says that Trump’s top advisors broke the law by pushing the conspiracy theories in the last days of the Trump administration. This was far more serious than Giuliani pushing Venezuela and “Kracken.” That was nothing, the real action took place behind the scenes in the White House itself. Conway made his accusations in the Daily Beast Podcast the new normal with Molly Jong-Fast:

“[This was just the] tip of the iceberg of all the crazy stuff that went on this winter. These guys were doing some wild, wild stuff, and it wasn’t just the campaign and the kooky campaign hangers-on, and the lawyers who were working on the campaign, like Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell. This stuff was going on in the White House.”

Sounds like organized crime. Multiple layers of players, sacrificing the bottom while the top controls the operation. Many of us thought that Trump operated the White House like an organized crime group far more so than the president of a democracy with a constitution.

And yet the conspiracy coming out of the White House was just as insane as anything Rudy said: Obama took money from Iran in order to give it to a group of Italians who then bought manipulated software to win the election. Obama has that kind of power and mind. Strange that he didn’t use it in 2016 when Obama was actually president. 

“This is the chief of staff of the White House pushing his theory on the Justice Department. Yes, except if the chief of staff was surely acting on orders, even if Trump was speaking in code, as he does according to Michael Cohen. There is no chance his chief of staff is out there acting on his own on such an important matter. If Trump gave the go-ahead to find a conspiracy and take it to DOJ, it makes him part of the conspiracy and Conway knows that. He may just want to keep Trump’s name out of it for now.

“You’re running close to sedition here, trying to get government officials to act in support of a conspiracy theory to overturn the results of an election,” he said. “I mean, there could be a criminal conspiracy involved there. That’s not protected by free speech.”

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Correct. There is no first Amendment right to yell at your partner in a robbery to shoot someone and there is no way to pressure the DOJ from the White House into specifically investigating some fish-sh*t insane theory that makes Barack Obama – the first Black American president – the evil man stealing an election from America’s strong man.

Yes, well, this staff at this site has enough lawyer in us to also say that anyone who agreed with the illegal plan and took one affirmative step to further the plan, say a phone call to meet the chief of staff, that is a conspiracy and that person can be charged with conspiracy to commit sedition, which would carry the same punishment as those who did it.

Maybe these are the reasons the GOP had to block the investigation vote. Just too much stuff might come rolling out. Perhaps Mitch McConnell learned some things that would put a lot of people in prison if discovered.

Peace, y’all
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