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‘The Dumbest Guy in Congress’ Asks U.S. Forest Service if it Can Move the Moon or the Earth to Fight Climate Change

Louis Gohmert is without question the dumbest person in the House of Representatives and that is a damned impressive title. One doesn’t just fall into that kind of position. One has to outdo Lauren Boebert, Marjorie Taylor Green, and Paul Gosar. Additionally, one can’t just sit on one’s laurels and hang on to that trophy. No, not with the other three pounding their heads against the sidewalk, one has to bring it, every day.

Gohmert brought it. He really brought it. He may be able to even take a couple of weeks off.

The good news is that Gohmert is now very concerned about climate change. Very concerned. Some might say that Gohmert likely failed physics, along with nearly every other class he took in school, but that’s not right because it assumes facts not in evidence. Regardless, Gohmert wants to move some stuff around to combat climate change:

As described by Twitter:

Rep. Louie Gohmert asks if the National Forest Service or Bureau of Land Management can do anything ‘to change the course of the moon’s orbit or the Earth’s orbit around the sun’ to combat climate change during a House Natural Resources Committee hearing. (VIDEO BELOW).

Yes, well. Glad to hear that he acknowledges that climate change is an issue and that the globe is heating up. But Gohmert is at least right in that IF they could move the moon and/or earth, it could easily take care of climate change. In the future, it might even be possible. As soon as we really figure out general relativity and use more energy than is currently hitting the earth it is possible. Moving the moon would be even easier, but Gohmert must not have noticed that the moon already orbits the earth.

People have actually looked into the science as to the viability of a solar shade. It would only take lowering the sun’s power 1-2%. Unfortunately, to do so requires something akin to aluminum foil – only much lighter, and one needs quite a bit. It would take a piece of aluminum foil the size of Arizona.

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The good thing is we really can do things that will work!! We need only make sure that nearly every vehicle on earth is electric over the next 10-20 years, take care of some of the grid inefficiencies, and plant more trees, like enough to cover far more than Arizona. But it can be done and must be done because things like climate change can get into a positive feedback loop, just ask Venus. Speaking of which, if the Earth did get into a positive feedback loop, it could easily become irreversible, and keep going. In such a case, humanity (Provided we don’t destroy ourselves first) will likely live in a Mad Max earth with a lot less land and the question won’t be whether we can move Earth back so much as Mars forward.

Peace, y’all
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