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Yet AGAIN Kayleigh Jealously Whines About Psaki: Except This Time, She’s Proven Wrong on Video

Every previous Press Secretary believes that he or she was treated far more aggressively than the current one, or the current one believes that the last Press Secretary had it easy. It is sort of a right of passage at this point, kind of like how every generation of parents talks about how much more difficult life was for them. over their kids. (Except the parents are nearly always right. If a kid takes a ride in the car without their tablet entertaining them, they call The Hague to report a crime against humanity.) Press Secretaries are nearly always wrong.

Kayleigh is no different, but sweet baby jeezus as a make-up artist, she will not shut-up about it after a solid week of whining. Sure, sure, she dresses it up as an injustice to the American people. But no one left of the MAGAs didn’t notice the coincidence that this really became a concern to Kayleigh only after Vogue announced its photoshoot of Psaki. Psaki has been doing press conferences for almost five months now and yeah, Kayleigh complained some. But over the last week, it has become her only real cause, because it’s only been the last week that Kayleigh’s been fuming about Vogue!

Naturally, it’s become her cause. Because Kayleigh’s only real cause to this point in her life has been Kayleigh. She worked for Trump in the White House because that’s the road that pretty blondes walk to get their millions on Fox. She was successful.

So it is really rich (and so is Kayleigh) to hear her whine to Sean Hannity of all people about the “softball questions” the media throws at Biden’s White House. This all happens in an alternative universe where, apparently, Fox isn’t considered “media.” Only those “neutral” people at the NYT, WaPo, ABC, etc. are actually “media.”

Wait. That might actually be true. Fox is more cosplay, as Kayleigh proves better than anyone. But we’re getting off-topic. Once again Kayleigh whined about the softball (photoshoot) that Psaki gets and how Kayleigh walked to school in the snow without an iPhone. Only this time, Kayleigh got hammered by the perfect comeback. A video montage that we will call, “Reality.”

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Yes! How ’bout those balls Kayleigh? Oh, and no one cares that you weren’t on Vogue, literally no one, even Sean Hannity, who’s an actor. Kayleigh, whine until Psaki takes a position at Goldman Sachs. No. One. Cares. ‘cept you.

Peace, y’all
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