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Biographer Says Trump Believes Joe Biden Will Die in His First Term and Trump Will Beat Kamala in 2024

Michael Wolff has written three books on Donald Trump’s four years as president, and his latest Landslide: The Final Days of The Trump Presidency has become a New York Times bestseller that reveals sad but familiar truths, the foremost of which may be the fact that Trump still completely believes the election was stolen from him, The Daily Mail reports.

The former president offered Wolff, 67, the chance to interview him, even though he slammed the author’s first two books, Fire and Fury (published in 2018) and Siege (published in 2019). Wolff was a bit shocked but Trump had received word through an aide in March that Wolff was writing another book on him but he was more than glad to accept Trump’s invite.

“Trump said: ‘That guy gets ratings, let’s see him.’ So I was invited to Mar-a-Lago to interview the former president and have dinner with him and Melania.”

“I sat with him for several hours and was invited to dinner,” Wolff told Daily Mail. “It was mindboggling, it was like we were best friends.”

Trump, however, was typically critical since Wolff’s books weren’t exactly glowing appraisals of his performance as president. But his books weren’t just under fire from the Trump White House, however. Some journalists have also questioned his credibility on occasion. Even so, Wolff has written extensively on the former president and undoubtedly understands him well enough to write about him, warts and all.

The author noted that during the dinner, Trump claimed “these books you write were very mean and very wrong, but I don’t blame you. I blame my people.”

“Then we were off and running, spending the better part of the afternoon, me listening and him talking.”

But as the interview continued, Wolff couldn’t help but realize that Trump was still living in a “separate reality,” and was still consumed with the idea that the 2020 election was stolen from him.

“He could hardly talk about anything else,” Wolff said. “He spins these numbers, which change constantly, and goodness knows where he gets them from.”

However, the creepiest part of this is that Trump is fully convinced President Joe Biden will die in office due to his age. This is pretty silly when you consider the fact that Trump, at 75, is only three years younger than Biden. Even so, Trump is also convinced that he’ll beat Vice President Kamala Harris and once again be sworn in as president in 2024.

“He believes Biden won’t survive his term because he is too old,” Wolff told Daily Mail.

“He keeps talking about Biden having Alzheimer’s and he is convinced that Harris will be the Democratic candidate in 2024 and it will be no contest,” he added.

“He doesn’t believe there is any chance that Kamala could beat him — but then he thought Joe Biden would be no threat. That is why, in his mind, the election must have been stolen, because there is he could have possibly been beaten by Biden.”

That’s right. Trump is such an egotist that he can’t possibly believe that someone like Biden could ever beat him. During his years in the White House Trump continually had to be cajoled and fussed over as one fusses over a toddler. Everyone in the administration had to do plenty of bowing and scraping.

It’s really kind of sad that he doesn’t go on right ahead and get a life.

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