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Kellyanne Might Drop the Biggest Bomb-Book Yet: Trump Aides Worry that Kellyanne Will Pull Back the Curtain

Kellyanne Conway and the Conway family have always been an enigma. It never made any sense. Kellyanne is and was brilliant. She was the only person able to tame Trump and get him to do what she wanted (By telling Trump that HE was the one who came up with that idea.) But she also defended the indefensible and that is what must have the Trumpers really worried. Her book is due out soon, and that scares those remaining in the Trump camp, including Trump himself.

Kellyanne almost surely has one mission, to regain her reputation. She surely wants the world to know that she wasn’t a part of the worst. Whether what she’s saying is true or not hardly matters. She’s going to tell an amazing tale. According to Queerty:

Trump’s former senior counselor/chief propagandist Kellyanne Conway is busy writing a tell-all and rumor has it she’s not holding anything back about what really went on inside the Trump White House. Given her penchant for both trash talking and backstabbing, as well as her strong self-preservation instincts, this isn’t a good sign for Donald. And his aides know it.

Privately, former administration officials and top campaign aides have shared concerns about Conway’s upcoming tell-all in particular. The ex-president’s loyal former counselor is expected to give a hold-no-punches account of her time in the White House and those she worked alongside.

And according to Politico:

Like several other authors of Trump-related books, Conway sat down with her old boss at Mar-a-Lago to discuss the project and gather quotes, a move Trump’s former press secretary/Dancing With The Stars contestant Sean Spicer called a huge “mistake” on the ex-president’s part.

No shit, Sean? Sit down for quotes for a book that you know won’t sell unless it devastates your reputation? So give it credibility by sitting down with the author to discuss it? Wow, that Sean Spicer is sharp as a fish. Of course, Trump is making a mistake!

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According to one adviser, in addition to being an egomaniac, Trump is extremely sensitive about how history will remember him and that’s why he’s been sitting down with so many authors, even though, so far, it’s done him more harm than good since he almost always says something stupid.

History is going to see him as a one-term president who presided over one of the worst epidemics in the nation’s history. (Ironic, given that George Washington might’ve lost the Revolutionary War were it not for his belief in the crude vaccination for the “pox.”). History will remember Trump as the guy who attempted a coup over a graceful exit. Ideally, history will also remember a ton of terrible details springing forth from Kellyanne’s book.

It sounds like the Trump camp is worried. They know she’s an enigma who figured Trump out early. They probably wonder what else she figured out. She’s craven, but she is also brilliant, alternative facts and all.

Peace, y’all
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