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MAGA Rioter Loses It In Court, Invokes ‘Sovereign Citizen’ in Wild Rant Against Judge

We are forced to report again on self-declared sovereign citizen Pauline Bauer. Sovereign citizens are always a bit tricky to handle in court because, well, they don’t recognize the court or any other government entity. They answer only to God. Obviously, in a perfect world, we could all be sovereign citizens. But we don’t live in that world, we require government oversight, one to which we all agree (or 66% of us) is a joint enterprise among citizens.  A democracy.

Despite the fact that Pauline Bauer is a sovereign citizen, she had an affinity for the Trump administration. Given that the Trump administration did more to set back civil rights in this country through imperial government we can all make of that what we will. Regardless, “answerable only to God” Bauer is facing serious charges on Earth and, one would expect, in heaven.

Bauer has been charged with multiple counts of violent entry, disruptive conduct, and obstruction of Congress for her role in the deadly January 6th Capitol riots, in which she was heard yelling, “bring Nancy Pelosi out here now… we want to hang that f*cking b*tch.”

As we reported last week, Bauer first announced herself as a purported “sovereign citizen” when she filed a bizarre motion to dismiss her case in which she described herself as “I, Me, Pauline Bauer the Living Soul, A Creation of God.”

But today’s hearing got that much worse. Judges tend to want “just” endings. Yes, some judges are worse than others, but as a general rule, they prefer to see things work out toward a just verdict, most are pretty good. Thus, Judges really hate it when a person decides to defend herself or himself. In such cases, judges will implore the defendant to seek the advice of counsel. Sometimes, when the judge questions whether a defendant is mentally competent, a judge will assign an attorney to watch the proceedings for signs of some kind of mental instability and be ready to step in.

It sounds like today’s hearing got close:

“This case… is going off-the-rails,” he reported on Twitter. “January 6 defendant Pauline Bauer says she won’t let pre-trial services come into her home, won’t turn over her passport, calls the search of her home ‘illegal” — and refuses to let judge move forward and get her lawyer. Ugly.”

Follow the tweets below to the end:

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It is likely to only get uglier.

Peace, y’all
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