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Kayleigh McEnany: No One Should Trust the Disinformation Coming From the Biden White House

One would think that Kayleigh would have enough practice by now that it wouldn’t even be that hard anymore. But Kayleigh still manages to lie even while talking about the government lying! Actually, maybe that’s damned impressive.

“No one trusts the federal government. They are the greatest purveyor, at this moment, of misinformation. When you look at the mask debacle, President Joe Biden standing up saying, ‘Get vaccinated, you can toss the mask.’ Now they’re saying, ‘Wear the mask if you’re vaccinated.’ How does this instill confidence? It doesn’t. President Trump was right on the science.”

And this is why our country is going to hell. Kayleigh spewed this stuff on the most-watched cable television program:

– No one Trusts the federal government? We trust it just fine, far more so than eight months ago. It does what it says.

-There is no one in the government “purveying” misinformation. They may not have all the information they would like, but they’ve never put out misinformation.

-There is no mask “debate.” In places where things are really bad, everyone should mask up inside, including school.

-You are lying Kayleigh, Biden did NOT say “You get vaccinated, you get to toss your mask,” he said, “If we all have 70% to 80% fully vaccinated by July 4th, we might be able to have a normal Fourth of July. But we couldn’t because the MAGAs are too gawdamned stupid.

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-Kayleigh, it instills confidence in the science in that we know they will tell us when they think they were wrong. “Science” isn’t all that great when it comes up against a new disease. Kayleigh, you’ve lived in a world where HIV is a one pill a day manageable disease like diabetes or hepatitis. Some of us remember back when it was called “gay cancer” and all they knew was that gay men were coming up with these unbelievably rare cancers all at once and all of them died, all of them. Science changes and that’s how you instill confidence.

If Trump was so “right” about the science, how is it that Trump, you, and just about everyone else in the White House, managed to get COVID? The White House became COVID Central for a while, but the one “scientist” going in an our never got it, and that was Dr. Fauci. Science gets it right, Kayleigh.


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