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Capitol Police Fence the Perimeter Days Before the MAGA ‘Justice for January 6th’ Rally Begins

So where is all the talk about the summer of 2020? All the destruction, the “looting” that was supposedly done by BLM and Antifa? All the violence? We have a “Justice for January 6th” rally coming up, ostensibly to protest holding some (very small minority) of MAGA rioters in jail from January 6th until their trial.

It appears that even a “regular” MAGA protest now requires fencing around the United States Capitol (See Below). Doesn’t that say it all about one’s political party and whether it’s a party at all? It says it is not political anymore, it’s ideological and the people pushing the ideology are a cult fringe that has been known to get violent. Thus, the fencing:

US Capitol Police chief: Temporary fencing will go up “a day or two before” Sept 18 rally … and “if everything goes well, it’ll come down a day or two after”

So it is there to keep the MAGAs out, that’s it. Other than MAGA rallies, our democratic institutions are safe. Is anyone awake? Doesn’t this statement alone say everything that needs to be said about the Trump movement? Twitter went nuts:

Some responses:

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No, this is not normal and it’s shocking that this detail isn’t getting more attention than it is. Of course, we want the fencing up, no one should trust this group, but the fact that we’re all acting like this is normal is deeply disturbing.

Well, on that people are on shakier ground. There is a First Amendment right and the people who actually did march on January 6th are not marching, that is how one gets a group that is “allowed” to have the protest. It doesn’t make the idea that we need to enact fencing now for any Republican protest less awful.

It is a shocking announcement. Except it’s not in the larger scheme of things. It is the least they can do.
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