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Larry Kudlow Says He Yearns for the Calm, Orderly, Peaceful Days of … the Trump Administration

Well, this is different. It is probably worth mentioning up top that the MAGAs loved Trump, in part, because he refused to be calm, peaceful, orderly, or prosperous, as would a normal president. We at this site provided our readers the service of reading quotes from the average MAGA so that few others had to. The MAGAs loved the fact that Trump was a human wrecking ball.

The man attempted to overthrow the American government. Long before he tried to dispense with American democracy, Trump spent entire days on Twitter, trying to act as unpresidential as humanly possible. He yelled at reporters, he threatened to send the military into the streets to stop protests, he didn’t want “peace,” he wanted to fight. As for prosperity, Obama’s economy hummed along just fine until Trump botched COVID so badly that people didn’t know whether they were supposed to work or not. “America first” created distrust among every respectable nation on earth and fist bumps from every brutal dictator.

Regardless, here’s Larry, longing for the good old days:

Now with an extremely divisive Biden, America’s foreign policy decline under Biden, absolute chaos on our southern border under Biden, and a tax-and-spend policy that is scaring 125 million investors near to death, with all kinds of things happening, that no one thought would happen just a few months ago, I will tell you, folks, I kind of yearn for the calm, peaceful, orderly, prosperous, America-first around the globe days of Donald Trump. Just saying. That’s my riff.”

Biden is extremely divisive, Trump brought America together, he cared just as much about “blue states” like California as he did Texas. He often gave Democrats credit for great ideas. During Trump’s presidency, the sky took on a beautiful shade of green.

The tax and spend policy is scaring the living sh*t out of your neighborhood billionaire. What if he or she has to sell that fourth home? What then? The humanity! We suspect they’ll be fine since the stock market has hit record highs. Kudlow left that part out.

Damn, we could spend all day refuting Kudlow, it feels like we already have. We suspect that Kudlow mostly misses working in the White House, believing he mattered. He likely felt calm, peaceful, orderly, and prosperous, until he had to talk to Trump.

Was the crisis in Afghanistan surrounding the pull out of American Troops Biden's fault or Trump's fault?

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