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Michael Flynn: Liberals are Planning on Putting the Vaccine in Salad Dressing

How much salad do MAGAs eat? And if one was to put some kind of vitamin or something good for MAGAs in a salad dressing, which would one pick? Definitely thousand island would be number one, there can’t be much debate about that, right? Follow that up with what? French? Ranch? That’s a tougher one. Why would they even bother and just put it in ketchup, cover all bases?

It actually doesn’t matter because the “healthy thing” that liberals would prefer to see injected into MAGA bodies is a vaccine, which is made up of mRNA, genome type material, the type of stuff that doesn’t survive five seconds within the acid of one’s stomach. This is easily proven because when receiving the vaccine, someone gets a jab, with a needle and not a spinach-walnut-gouda cheese toss with raspberry vinaigrette. To be honest, given the lines some of us experienced in getting the vaccine, we’d take the jab even if offered a wonderful salad.

Mike Flynn was once a three-star general in the United States army. Those of us who have never served in the military (not brave enough) almost surely cannot appreciate how much responsibility goes along with carrying three stars on one’s shoulders. They do not give them out just for job performance. It also requires stability and judgment. It appears that Mike Flynn has lost the requisite judgement so much so that he cannot determine whether salad dressing is a threat to MAGAs everywhere:

“Somebody sent me a thing this morning where they’re talking about putting the vaccine in salad dressing. Have you seen this? I mean, I’m thinking to myself, this is the bizarro World, right? This is definitely the bizarro world. These people are seriously thinking about how to impose their will on us in our society, and it has to stop.” – Former Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, speaking yesterday on a QAnon podcast.

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