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Twenty-One Out of the Top Twenty-Three COVID States Voted for … You Guessed It … Trump!

This country has a teacher-fourth grader dynamic, where the democrats and independents, the ones who never wanted Trump around, are charged with the care of the MAGAs, who cannot care for themselves. It is a harsh and entitled sentence, but the latest COVID polling makes the picture clear.

It is interesting, for those 65 and up, there is no political imbalance. It is almost as though people 65 and up knew that they couldn’t afford to play games with this disease, whereas the younger people do believe that they have the ability to do what they want and what they want is to make a statement. After all, 21 out of the top 23 COVID states voted for Donald Trump, and nowhere is it hitting worse than in Florida.

According to the Washington Post:

There are three reasons that Florida has consistently been a focal point of debate over the course of the pandemic. One is that its governor, Ron DeSantis, is a prominent Republican official, a role that he embraces and elevates. Another is that DeSantis has been explicit in expressing his opposition to measures aimed at containing the coronavirus or limiting its spread. A third is that, particularly of late, his state has been hit particularly hard by the virus.

Since the fourth surge in new cases began in late June, about 54,000 more people have died of covid-19. Nearly 1 in 5 of those deaths have occurred in Florida — 18 percent of the deaths come from a state that makes up about 6 percent of the country’s population. What’s more, over the course of the surge, the percentage of deaths occurring in Florida has been increasing.

So 18% of the deaths come from Florida, and of the top states, 21 out of the top 23 are states that went for Trump:

For example, here is the relationship between cases, deaths, vaccinations and 2020 vote as of Thursday. Of the 23 states that have new case totals per capita higher than the nation overall, 21 voted for Donald Trump in November. Sixteen are among the 17 states that have the lowest rates of vaccination. Of the 18 states that have new death totals higher than the national ratio, 14 voted for Trump and 12 are among the 17 least-vaccinated states.

Was the crisis in Afghanistan surrounding the pull out of American Troops Biden's fault or Trump's fault?

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One of those “23” states is Georgia. So it’s almost like another red state because we guarantee that white people in Georgia consider themselves to be a red state.

People have continually said that this is a fateful disease “of the unvaccinated.” And, even though not all Trump voters remain unvaccinated, it does seem as though all the remaining unvaccinated are Trump supporters.


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