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Nevada Man Who Claimed Someone Voted as His Late Wife Charged With Voter Fraud


This right here symbolizes absolutely everything about The Big Lie, or what Trump likes to call “the Crime of the Century.” The crime of the century, so far, was 9/11. The runner-up was the attempt to steal a legitimate democratic election, and perhaps the follow-up laws to prevent Democrats from winning certain purple states ever again. (Thanks, Manchin, Simema)

We all recall Nevada was but one of the states in which lawsuits were filed after the election in an attempt to prove that the election was “rigged” against Donald Trump. Part of the evidence (not the entirety) was a man’s claim that there existed a ballot cast by his dead wife. The implication, obviously, was that someone was using extra votes from dead people to cast ballots and that is how Biden won.

Someone did use a dead woman’s ballot to vote, it was fraud. It did not prove the election was rigged. It proved the man making the assertion on behalf of Trump was lying.

From CBS Las Vegas famous “I-Team”:

A Las Vegas man is accused of forging his dead wife’s signature on her ballot, mailing it in and then claiming it had been stolen. Donald “Kirk” Hartle, 55, faces two charges relating to the 2020 election, records showed. The charges come after an investigation from the Secretary of State’s Office, which investigates any voter fraud allegations in connection with the Nevada Attorney General’s Office.

It is just so odd that the states that have taken the time to really evaluate the accuracy of the election have found nothing but tiny overcounts for Trump.

Rosemarie Hartle’s ballot was one of two cited by Nevada Republicans as evidence of voter fraud in Nevada. “How did the forged signature pass [Clark County’s] signature verification machine?” the Nevada GOP tweeted in November regarding the case. “And this is isn’t the only case of a deceased person voting in NV.” Hartle faces charges of voting using the name of another person and voting more than once in the same election. If found guilty, Hartle faces up to four years in prison and a fine of $5,000 for each charge.

Over and over and over, we’re hearing the same story after continuous investigations. The election was legitimate and accurate, remarkably so. But since Donald Trump’s ego cannot stand a loss, we will hear about election fraud and “the Crime of the Century,” until he dies. It has already gravely threatened the faith in our elections. The country is at a tipping point as to whether a Democratic victory in a purple state will ever be accepted again.

This news will not appear on Fox, OAN, Newsmax, nor Parler, or Facebook. MAGAs will continue to believe that Nevada was rigged and dead votes prove it.
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