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‘Shunned’ MAGA Rioter Tells Judge That She Can’t Go to the Grocery Store Anymore Because People are Mean to Her

We have reported on Dona Bissey before, the woman who is upset because she’s lost business from her salon. We somewhat buried the lede and must make amends. For those who are just joining…

It is sentencing time for many of the rioters charged due to their actions on January 6th and, having pleaded guilty, it is now time to explain to the judge why they’ve suffered enough already. (The phrase comes easily to them because it sounds so much like they’ve been taxed enough already, and we’re certain there’s quite a bit of overlap between the crowds.)

Any reporting on sentencing memorandum must acknowledge that the defendant sort of has to come up with something. Be with respect to the rioters we’ve had to report a lot on the white entitlement arguments that we see pop up in so many of these.

With Dona, we noted that her hair salon has lost business. But again… well, we’re getting there.

Yes, it is reasonable to tell the judge one has lost their job, nearly every defendant says something similar. Yes, it is fine to say that one is sorry, regrets their actions, that they’ve changed, all that. These are criminal defendants, and if you go to the county courthouse tomorrow, you will hear the exact same arguments.

But it takes special white entitlement to believe that just because one’s life has changed some, having participated in an attempt to overthrow the government, the judge should reduce a sentence because it’s terribly embarrassing, and they’ve lost some standing in their communities.

They are crim-in-als, it goes with the territory. Many people manage to go their entire lives with a speeding ticket as the black mark on their “criminal history.” Speeding tickets do not result in one being shunned. But if one is charged with DUI, yes, the next PTA meeting is going to be uncomfortable, as it should be.

Try to overthrow the government and… hearing insults at the grocery store is not going to tug at the judge’s heart as some unendurable and unique punishment. It sounds like some white people believe they should be able to commit crimes and not have people mention that it pisses them off while shopping.

Angrily hurling insults? Just try to imagine what these white suburban people would think if a young black man made the same argument. The difference is quite clear. Race.

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