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Horrifying New Video Shows Just How Aggressive and Scary Rioters Were as They Busted in Capitol Door

There is a new video out that shows just how scary it must have been for Capitol Police officers to have been very overmatched by the Trump supporting crowd, with reinforcements quite possibly intentionally kept away. (The more we learn about the organized nature of January 6th, the more we’re forced to wonder if the Capitol Police were left on their own, sacrificed so that the rioters absolutely did make it in the Capitol.

The video shows a parking garage of some type, one presumes leading down underneath the Capitol. One also presumes it is not one of the most secure of the entrances because the garage automatically opens back up (like yours at home) if it senses that it might be about to hit something.

It is not hard to imagine that the Capitol Police forces there that day wish that the door had some kind of emergency procedure by which it would shut under any circumstances, dangerous as those might be.

The video came out yesterday, notice the considerable effort that the MAGAs had to make to ensure that the door stayed open, and remember that many of them have told judges that they were allowed in the door:

It must have been terrifying. We only know now that few people in that crowd were armed. The police there at the time didn’t know that. They had no way of knowing that they wouldn’t be sh*t (just beaten down and tear-gassed, etc.)

It does make one appreciate the bravery of those officers and become increasingly angry about the fact that they were left there alone, despite the fact that reinforcements were available and ready.

Just, maybe, held back. Maybe.

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