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LeBron Asks Disgusting Fan Be Removed: Don Jr. Calls LeBron a B*tch Sn*tch and People are LIVID

One of the most reliable characteristics of the Trumps is that if someone – anyone – has ever dissed them or in some way displeased the king, that person is forever wrong, scorned, treated like sh*t, whatever, and the Trump’s will support anyone opposing their “enemy,” until such time as the “enemy” has made sufficient amends that they are again considered loyalists and will get the same protection as any other loyalist.

LeBron James is one of the three greatest basketball players to ever live. James, Jordan, Wilt, something like that. But LeBron is also a crusader for social justice. He built and funded an entire school – literally built the school, is paying to run it, everything, in his hometown in Ohio, for kids who cannot afford the other elite private schools.

We could write a five-thousand word column on the money LeBron has donated and the time he has donated. (An athlete like LeBron is now probably approaching a billion dollars in wealth, one should measure their gifts in time because money becomes almost meaningless to them after a while. LeBron gives of his time, too.)

Because LeBron supports social activism, Trump hates him. The feelings are mutual. LeBron is a proud black man who has worked hard on and off the court. He is an amazing American whether one likes basketball or not, and he essentially told Trump where he could put his what while Trump was president.

Remember Laura Ingraham’s “Shut up and dribble”? Yes, LeBron and Trump hate each other.

So, naturally, when a fan did something abhorrent, something that no athlete, or even the team trainer, should have to put up with, and asked that the fan be removed… guess whose side Don Jr. took?

Yep, a fan told LeBron that she hoped Lebron’s son would d1e, and LeBron rightly stood up as a proud adult (like 98% of the entire adult world) and asked her and her group to be removed. So Don Jr. called Lebron a b*tch, and a sn*tch.

As you’d imagine, people are siding with LeBron:

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