Mark Meadows Says Trump Should Be the Next House Speaker Cause ‘People Would Go Crazy!’

The scariest part is, this could actually happen.

Mark Meadows is one of those true believers in Donald Trump’s “America First” agenda that just can’t be reasoned with. It’s for good reason, too: Trump made the former Congressman his Chief of Staff when it became clear that he couldn’t get reelected in his district. He may even feel like he owes Trump his career.

But it’s totally possible to be crazy in love with Trump, but still not this crazy.

Appearing on Steve Bannon’s podcast The War Room shortly after Bannon was released without bail, Meadows went on a trolling kick the likes of which we haven’t seen in some time.

I would love to see the gavel go from Nancy Pelosi to Donald Trump, talk about melting down, people would go crazy.

That’s right, Meadows thinks that Kevin McCarthy’s leadership of the House GOP isn’t Trumpian enough, and that they should just go ahead and install the real deal if they take back Congress in the 2022 midterms.

Unfortunately, although it has never happened before, technically he is right. It could happen. There is no rule that says the Speaker of the House is a position reserved for sitting members of Congress.

Last June, Trump was in a conversation with right-wing commentator Wayne Allyn Root, when Root suggested that he actually run for Congress. Trump seemed excited by the idea:

You know, it’s very interesting. That’s so interesting. And people have said, run for the Senate, OK, run for the Senate, but you know what? Your idea might be better. It’s very interesting.

There is no evidence that Trump, presented with the opportunity to take over Nancy Pelosi’s job, wouldn’t just jump at the chance. But Meadows is ready to skip the part where Trump even has to get elected to join the Republican Caucus in Congress.

She [Nancy Pelosi] would go from tearing up a speech to giving the gavel to Donald Trump. Oh, she would go crazy!

This is nightmare fuel.

Watch the exchange between Bannon and Meadows:

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