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Virginia Man Says CRT is Most Important Election Issue Even Though He Doesn’t Know What CRT Is

Virginia’s gubernatorial election between Terry McAuliffe (D) and Trump-supported Glenn Youngkin (R) is set for Tuesday, but one resident believes the most important campaign issue is Critical Race Theory, Mediaite reports.

At its core, Critical Race Theory (CRT) holds that racism is deeply-rooted in law and legal institutions. CRT is being increasingly taught in some universities and some social science departments and some media outlets like Fox News and Newsmax are pushing wildly distorted stories that allege CRT is being taught to children at all levels of education.

The Good Liars were out and about in Virginia and Jason Selvig, half of the hilariously straight-faced comedy team spoke to the resident in question, who said he believed Critical Race Theory was the biggest issue, although he admitted he really didn’t know anything about it.

“This guy says Critical Race Theory is the most important issue in the Virginia Election,” the comedians tweeted. “He also says he has no idea what Critical Race Theory is.”

“What’s the most important issue in the governor’s race here in Virginia?”

“Getting back to the basics of teaching children, not teaching them critical race theory,” the man said.

“And what is critical race theory,” Selvig asked.

“Well, I’m not going to get into the specifics of it because I don’t understand it that much,” the man answered. “But it’s something that I don’t — what little bit I know, I don’t care for it.”

So according to this fool’s logic, he doesn’t know anything about it and neither should our children? They shouldn’t know the Founding Fathers owned slaves and that “all men are created equal,” unless they were poor, Black, Native American, or female? Students should remain unaware that the very institutions this country was founded upon were rife with racism?

Selvig presses him a bit further.

“And what have you heard that you don’t like?”

“I’m not gonna, you know, I don’t uh, I don’t have that much knowledge on it, but it’s something that I’m not, that I don’t care for,” the man said.

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Well, I’ll tell you what, this doofus may not “have that much knowledge on it,” but it’s sure been sticking in Youngkin’s craw. He’s made it a major part of his campaign. He recently vented his spleen all over Fox News about it, claiming it “teaches children to see everything through a lens of race and then to divide them into buckets (huh?) and have children [who] are called privileged and others [who] are victims.”

If we don’t teach children about this country’s legacy of racism, about its worship of the privileged and its continued victimization of the poor, of women, and of people of color, how are these kids going to survive in the world when they finally get out there? They will be seriously unprepared for reality.

Youngkin speaks like the privileged Trump supporter he is.

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