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Jailed Capitol Insurrectionists are Now Getting Rich off Christian Crowdfunding Sites

At times it seems as though participating in the MAGA movement, the more prominently the better, practically guarantees that one will get rich along the way. The only exceptions might be those that started out rich and donated money to the cause (e.g. Mike Lindell). But regular folks? Consider Rittenhouse doing quite well after a bit of anxiety.

Now The Guardian gives us a story (From the foreign press!!) about jailed rioters raking in money, pleading for the need for legal defense and other means to fight when their costs may not be that high. From The Guardian:

Trump supporters and members of far-right extremist groups who took part in the violent insurrection at the US Capitol on 6 January are raising hundreds of thousands of dollars from online crowdfunding sites by portraying themselves as maligned American patriots, martyrs and “political prisoners”.

Several of the highest-profile participants in the “stop the steal” insurrection which attempted to disrupt Joe Biden’s certification as US president are raising substantial sums on fundraising sites. They include members of the far-right Proud Boys and many of the 6 January individuals being detained in a Washington DC jail, awaiting trial for allegedly attacking police officers.

Whether jailed or not, all they need be is prominent and say they’re under attack by a liberal Marxist government out of control. That’s all it takes. The Guardian goes through some lesser examples, people getting $30k to $40K. Their legal costs are not that high. Most of these are misdemeanors that get pled out and do not involve investigation, motions to dismiss, or trials – the stuff that costs a lot of money, ask Rittenhouse about expensive legal bills. And he still managed to come out rich.

There is one other example. As we said, the more prominent the figure, the more money. Brandon Straka is already done with his legal case and yet has raised as much money as a successful attorney in a decent-sized town:

Brandon Straka, a prominent Trump supporter with more than half a million Twitter followers who has pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct, has so far raised more than $178,000 for his “legal defense fund”.

Another prominent insurrectionist was gym owner Scott Fairlamb:

Scott Fairlamb, the first person to be sentenced for assaulting a police officer, describes the insurrection on his fundraising page as a “sea of America loving, American Flag waving patriots who came together from all over our great nation in support of our 45th President Donald Trump”.

Fairlamb has so far raised more than $38,000 towards his goal of $100,000. He pleaded guilty to the assault and was sentenced to 41 months in prison.

If we just could get rid of this damned conscience, we could be pleading to stay afloat (all medium-large progressive sites are), and say that our operating costs are $150K a month – and they would be! So long as we paid our writer(s) the amount earned, perhaps just $100K a month? That damned conscience keeps us on this side.

So, no, we don’t need $100k a month, we would take a one-time Brandon Straka level payment, $187,000 – what do you say, you progressives that cannot be grifted at all, and yet we’re on your side anyway!


VENMO: @Jason_Miciak, Let’s Show them that Progressives Love Their Folks Every Bit as Much… Sigh, but are not as dumb. Maybe just more caring.

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