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Stone Announced Wife Had Cancer a Few Months Ago, Asked for Donations… After Homeopathic Treatment, She’s Cancer Free

When Roger Stone announced that his wife, Nydia, had cancer, one had every single right to wonder if Stone was telling the truth. After all, he also asked for donations to help them fight that very same cancer, and Stone was just coming off a year in which he had been found guilty of perjury. Most people might get the benefit of the doubt, it is cancer, after all. Stone…

She’s cured! Stone writes “I can honestly say she’s cancer-free…” Does that mean that what he said before wasn’t honest?

Just months after the fact. Not only is she cancer-free, Nydia, recovered from her cancer in a remarkably short period of time and she received near-miraculous homeopathic treatment for her cancer.

Those of us at this site tend to both love and trust the latest scientific developments, and so we had to look up homeopathy:

Homeopathy is a medical system based on the belief that the body can cure itself. Those who practice it use tiny amounts of natural substances, like plants and minerals. They believe these stimulate the healing process.

The body can cure itself, sometimes the immune system even kills off cancer cells before they become real cancer. But of course, the body cannot always heal itself or no one would die.

With respect to tiny amounts of natural substances? Okay. But that seems kind of vague, doesn’t it? Ibuprofen may not necessarily be a natural substance but when one takes one for pain, one can take 800 mg.

Compared to 800 mg, 10 mg seems like a tiny dose, doesn’t it? Except if you get an IV dose of 10 mg of morphine – which is an entirely natural substance, that’s a huge dose. So it’s all relative. Plus, cocaine, from the coca plant, is all-natural and used to make crack. We have not heard many people say that they recovered nicely using crack.

The point is, Stone announced Nydia had cancer. Asked for money. Supposedly used homeopathic treatment and months later is cancer-free. Call us just a tiny bit cynical, but is there a chance that it was all a grift?

The “I can honestly say” might be the giveaway…


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