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Trump Slams Jan 6th Committee for Daring to Ask to Speak to Ivanka, ‘It’s a Disgrace!’

According to The Hill, Trump is furious that the January 6th Select Oversight Committee is in the process of asking (for now) Ivanka Trump to cooperate and to assist with the investigation. Ivanka, of course, was the daughter who was in the middle of “187 minute period” that has so dominated the evidence released by the Select Committee, the same period in which Ivanka twice asked Trump twice to stop the violence.

“It’s a very unfair situation for my children. Very, very unfair,” Donald Trump told The Washington Examiner in an interview for an op-ed published Friday.

“It’s a disgrace, what’s going on. They’re using these things to try and get people’s minds off how incompetently our country is being run. And they don’t care. They’ll go after children,” 

He certainly might have a point if his children worked in a New York law firm or a non-profit… Well, Ivanka did work for a non-profit, she worked at the White House as a White House official and Trump doesn’t get to have it both ways. He doesn’t get to make every day “bring your daughter to work day, but then say “going after family is unfair.”

As per usual, the world’s biggest bully, the though guy, the alpha male, cried about it all:

They are using whatever powers they have. They couldn’t care less. They are vicious people,

Trump objecting to people using whatever powers they have? At least there is a statute saying that the Select Committee can exist and that they are treating Ivanka in the exact same manner that they’ve treated everyone else in the room (or contacting Trump) on January 6th.

It is certainly understandable that Trump wouldn’t want his children – especially that child – dragged into the middle of this, but he’s the one that put her in the middle, he is the one to blame, and crying about it is utter hypocrisy which is… normal, coming from that man.

Given that the Committee is now referring refusals to comply with subpoenas to DOJ for prosecution, Ivanka really might be better off cooperating and coming in on somewhat her own terms. The Select Committee is likely going to subpoena each one of the children, Ivanka because she was in the White House, Eric and Don Jr. because they spoke at the rally, even Kimberley and Lara seem to have been right in the middle of everything.

It leaves one wondering whether Jared read the writing on the wall and kept himself well away from this episode.

But involving the Trump family really does not take the January 6th matter to another level, especially now that “seditious conspiracy” is on the table. There is no reason that some Oath Keepers should face such a charge, but people who helped lead it (or even planned it) skate by with lesser charges.

The stakes are as high as they should be.


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