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Abbott Says Biden Arresting Terror Watch Suspects at the Border Makes Our Country ‘Less Secure’

When he’s not busy signing absurd abortion laws or harassing transgender people with draconian laws, Texas governor Jack Abbott is persecuting immigrants and piling this problem on the Biden administration.

And he’s up to his old tricks again, this time accusing President Joe Biden of “abandoning” national security as he continues sending scores of undocumented immigrants from Texas to Washington, D.C., The Independent reports.

In a Wednesday interview with Fox News’s Martha MacCallum, Abbott declared he is “bringing the border to Biden.”

“Border security has always been the federal government’s responsibility until the Biden administration,” he told MacCallum.

Gov. Abbott has been bussing migrants to Washington DC because…there’s an election this November.

Then the Texas Republican dumped more rain on the Biden administration.

“The Biden administration has abandoned its responsibility to secure the borders and even more dangerous, the Biden has abandoned its responsibility for national security.”

Borrowing data compiled recently by the Customs and Border Protection agency, he added:

“Because Martha as you know, there have been almost two dozen people during the term of the Biden administration who were known to have been on the terrorist watch list who had been apprehended coming across the border,” he said. “Biden is making our country less secure.”

In its report, the agency found that the U.S. Border Patrol and the Office of Field Operations “arrested 42 subjects who were on the terror watch list and attempted to enter the United States illegally” since Biden took office in 2021.

Abbott seems to be angry that Biden is successfully arresting bad guys trying to cross the border. I guess this doesn’t play into their lie that Democrats want open borders.

Abbott also claimed the American Governors Border Strike Force is an indictment of the administration’s seeming inability to “do its fundamental job of national security and securing the border.” He is one of 26 governors who announced the creation of the Strike Force on April 19 to dismantle what they claim are transnational criminal organizations utilizing the open borders with Mexico.

Since starting the drive earlier this week, Abbott said he has sent seven buses carrying undocumented migrants from Texas to Washington, D.C. It’s thought that each bus carries about 40 migrants, according to local media, but what’s not clear is whether these people were offered any assistance upon arrival in D.C. Some seem to have arrived in family groups, while others were by themselves.

Abbott has said that by doing this drive he is “bringing the border to Biden.”

“We will continue the bussing process every single day for the reason that I think you mentioned earlier on,” Abbott said. “And that is the Biden administration has been dumping off these migrants by the hundreds in local communities that do not have the ability to take care or deal with.”

The governor’s efforts to send busloads of migrants have led White House press secretary Jen Psaki to question whether he has the authority to dictate the movements of undocumented people across the country.

Psaki says Texas governor doesn’t have authority for ‘publicity stunt’ plan to bus migrants to DC.

Republicans have also put pressure on the CDC to reaffirm the Department of Homeland Security’s ability to prevent migrants from crossing the border due to COVID-19 concerns. And as is so typical of the GOP, they have also resisted attempts by the Biden administration to roll back cuts to legal migrations, as well as policies that have been deemed inhumane. Abbott said he also plans to send buses of migrants to Delaware, Biden’s home state to capture Biden’s attention.

This is just so typical of Abbott and his ilk. I imagine sending busload after busload of people to D.C. will eventually create much gridlock, and Republicans have never worried about being inhumane unless, of course, we’re talking about the unborn, in which case they are all over the situation until the child is born and then suddenly they no longer care.

I sometimes wonder how these people sleep at night.


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