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Trump’s Mother’s Day Message is So Repulsive That People are Legitimately Shocked and Disgusted

Donald Trump is notorious for his messages on holidays; “Merry Christmas, even to my enemies who…,” and “Happy Easter to everyone (not knowing it’s a Christian holiday) including the maniacs on the left…” The only “holiday” that Trump seems to avoid with respect to a message is Valentine’s Day, nothing about his wonderful wife or even daughter…

Speaking of Trump’s “wonderful wife” and “even daughter,” today is Mother’s Day. (DO. NOT. Forget to call mom or do something special for the mother of your child-children.) Trump sent out a Mother’s day message that made no mention of his own mother (who feared him), nor his wife, who is purportedly the mother of Trump’s child, one that doesn’t seem to exist in Trump’s world. Trump doesn’t even mention his daughter/wife as the mother of his grandchildren, nor his in-law daughters. Of course, he didn’t.

Trump with his mother and future wife Melania at Mar-a-Lago in the 1990s. Neither were mentioned in his Mother’s Day message.

No, Trump spent the entirety, almost literally, lashing out at the women of color who are holding Trump accountable, sort of, for the first time in his entire life. Only Donald Trump would believe that this is somehow a Mother’s Day message. It is a poisonous threat, once again pulling back the curtain on a very sick mind, the one that many of us are now positive is capable of killing if he was assured he wouldn’t suffer any consequences.

Try to find any warmth or normalcy in this animal’s message:

Yes, isn’t that sweet? Isn’t that what the fundamentalist Christians across the country want from a father? No, it is not what they want from the people in their congregation or their neighbors. It is certainly not what they want from fathers of the unborn (It would be amazing to know the exact number of abortions we suspect Trump paid for.)

Trump and wife Melania. I am sure Melania is spending the day at the spa, and with her own mother and son.

But this absolutely is the Mother’s Day message they want to hear from Trump. Never doubt it. This doesn’t disappoint them. This affirms why they follow him. He doesn’t need to share their values, they only need him to “rule” with an iron fist, over those women of color holding him accountable.

People were obviously disgusted:


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