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Twitter CRUSHES Trump for Acting So Creepy While Staring at Woman in Tight MAGA Dress, ‘Greatest Outfit’

Given that we have video below of a woman in a skin-tight MAGA dress who just happened to drop by Trump’s place tonight so as to almost be assaulted, we have a question.

Could Donald Trump survive if he didn’t live inside his own luxury resort club? It has rooms for people to rent, parties booked night after night (It was likely one of his better investments), and now, because Trump is so polarizing, he is in absolute heaven. People self-select to be in his presence, and they are just the right kind of people!

Trump staring at women in a creepy manner isn’t new…but in the past 4-5 years it’s mainly been looking at his daughter Ivanka.

Trump doesn’t have to worry about going to the public to get his narcissistic fix because he has a cult and a club. Plus, it’s an expensive club, so there are none of those filthy people that walk through six inches of mud to hear him talk in Pennsylvania. No, these MAGAs have enough money to keep Miami’s plastic surgeons creating made-to-order Jessica Rabbits. Don’t blame her, she’s just cut that way. Trump couldn’t survive without Mar-a-Lago.

Speaking of money, made-to-order breasts, the cult, and Trump, they all collided at Mar-a-Lago tonight when Trump looked almost orgasmic, perhaps the perfect word, upon seeing a real-life Jessica Rabbit dressed in a “Make America Great Again” dress. No, not some shit hat with “MAGA” on it. We are talking about a floor-length, sleeveless, tight, bulging dress.

Trump is just as lecherous (as put in one response) as ever. He actually holds his hands out and runs them up and down, telegraphing that in his mind he’s rubbing the tight dress. But also notice the woman’s body language. She is… very guarded, and even protects her ass as she walks behind him. Only a MAGA mind could worship a man while at the same time getting the “rapey” vibe.

Sorry, I’ll never get over the fact this photo exists.

Regardless, this is why we cannot picture Trump living any other way:

Ah, no. We think Marylyn Monroe’s white dress is safe. That is not the “greatest outfit.” That is tacky AF, and even if it said; “Make Trump Blow Me Again” we’d say it looks terrible. It looks like a walking kids’ birthday cake. Twitter buried everything about this little video:


[email protected], @JasonMiciak, with Nicole Hickman (Who is prettier and has far better outfits).

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