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Committee Set to Turn Heat to MAX: Focus on Meadows and Attempt to Steal Georgia With NEW Evidence

If it weren’t so serious, someone could say that it would be like if one of the teams in the Super Bowl offered to let the referees wear the team’s uniform. If you are going to ask people to “audit” election results and it’s your goal to get a completely accurate count, you don’t offer “autographed MAGA hats” as part of the prize bag to those who do the audit.

We are all looking forward to tomorrow’s committee hearing, given how powerful the last few hearings have been. Tomorrow’s hearings seem particularly promising because they will focus on Mark Meadows’s actions. Meadows, of course, is the man closest to Trump as Chief of Staff. He was in the thick of everything. Additionally, we’ve reported on prosecutors who believe that the Georgia case is the most open-shut criminal case there could be against Trump. If Meadows was working hand in hand with Trump, with the two of them discussing what was to be done, then it could be Trump’s most damning day.

Mark Meadows has some serious explaining to do.

According to Committee member Adam Schiff, from Talking Points Memo:

Ahead of the Jan. 6 Select Committee’s hearing on Tuesday, member Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) told the Los Angeles Times that the panel plans to demonstrate Mark Meadows’ “intimate role” in the then-President’s scheme to pressure Georgia state legislators into overturning the election results.

Additionally, Schiff said the committee is set to release new information about Meadows’ appearance at a “signature audit” in Georgia before Jan. 6. Schiff said the panel will also show text messages that demonstrate Meadows’ desire to send autographed Make America Great Again hats to people who conducted the audit.

A signature audit, with signatures signed on Make America Great Again hats! Sounds like they were simply asking for fairness, doesn’t it? This could be some of the most powerful evidence against Trump.


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