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On Father’s Day, People are Shocked at Barron Trump’s Height in New Photo: He is VERY Tall

This is written late Father’s Day, one of this single dad’s favorite days because it’s a chance to reflect on trying to be the best dad because one had the best dad.

We didn’t really get a chance to actually watch Barron grow up the way we adored watching Sasha and Malia go from being babies to just wonderful young women (And of course, now, with parents like theirs, they are both drop-dead gorgeous, but that was inevitable). This site never made Barron’s “disappearance” an issue. That was 100% his parent(s) right to keep him shielded from everything. Some Americans feel entitled to get to know and see the first family. Not this site. Raising a child is raising a child, and it’s none of our business how they did it.

Having said that, it was near impossible not to feel sorry for the kid. His dad was f’ing president. His dad went to Superbowls, World Series games, he went and saw a rocket launch when Barron was 13-14 (Imagine how badly a boy like that would love to see a rocket launch), and they never took him. We would see Ivanka playing daughter wife (true, she was an adult), and yet Barron couldn’t go to a game with dad? What a dick.

But Barron’s getting his revenge. We all know how Trump felt “inadequate” when it came to height, such that he’d wear elevator shoes, or heels. Trump always held himself out as being 6’3. In reality, Trump is the exact same height as Barack Obama, who – for some reason, was comfortable in his own skin and just listed his height as his height, not what he wanted people to think was his height. So imagine how “inadequate” Trump feels looking straight “up” into his youngest son’s eyes? (That is not Trump to the side of that picture, that is Melania’s father, Barron’s grandfather, who Barron is likely infinitely closer to than Trump). This isn’t a brand new picture, but – again, it’s Father’s day, and it’s a recent enough picture that it will shock most people:

Looks like he could be a good-looking kid, too. Maybe. I’m not the best to ask about that. I don’t know a lot about good looks. I know my daughter is the most beautiful person on Earth.

But Twitter does know a thing or two about height and good looks and had a lot to say about a picture.


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