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Jan 6 Committee to Play Damning Video Evidence of Trump From January 7th During Thursday’s Primetime Hearing

New video evidence will be aired during Thursday’s primetime hearing by the House Select Committee Investigating the January 6 Attack on the U.S. Capitol. That video evidence promises to be pretty astounding and it does not cast former President Donald Trump in a favorable light.

“One day after the last rioter had left the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, Donald Trump’s advisers urged him to give an address to the nation to condemn the violence, demand accountability for those who had stormed the halls of Congress and declare the 2020 election to be decided, The Washington Post reported Thursday. “He struggled to do it. Over the course of an hour of trying to tape the message, Trump resisted holding the rioters to account, trying to call them patriots, and refused to say the election was over, according to individuals familiar with the committee’s work.”

Even though the select committee only just received documents from the Secret Service, which had deleted text messages, the hearing will go on as scheduled.

“The public could get its first glimpse of outtakes from that recording Thursday night, when the Jan. 6 committee plans to offer a bold conclusion in its eighth hearing: Not only did Trump do nothing despite repeated entreaties by senior aides to help end the violence, but he sat back and enjoyed watching it,” the Post reported. “He reluctantly condemned it — in a three-minute speech the evening of Jan. 7 — only after the efforts to overturn the 2020 election had failed and after aides told him that members of his own Cabinet were discussing invoking the 25th Amendment to remove him from office.”

This is exactly what should have been done, and it’s a tragedy that it wasn’t. But I’m glad there’s a committee parsing all these ugly details out.

“The hearing is also expected to tie together details from prior hearings, including the inflammatory presidential rhetoric that drew thousands to Washington that day, Trump’s willingness to grant audiences to fringe figures peddling fabulist and unconstitutional theories on how he could keep hold of the presidency and the many times he was urged to intervene during the violence but refused to do so,” the Post reported. “All of it points to one conclusion, which is the committee plans to argue Thursday: Trump wanted the violence, he is responsible for it and his unwillingness to help end it amounts to a dereliction of duty and a violation of his oath of office.”

Trump had multiple chances to stop the deadly riot in its tracks; instead, he sat back as people died. He watched this as if it were some major Hollywood spectacle instead of the near destruction of democracy in this country. Further, he tossed gasoline on the fire, telling the crowd at his Stop The Steal rally beforehand to “fight like hell.”

They did, and the results have now become an uglier part of recent American history.

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