Marjorie Taylor Greene Whines That People are Being Mean to Her and “Mocking Her With Bible Verses’

Pity poor Marjorie Taylor Greene. She’s all up in it this week because people are smacking her with Bible verses. And she durned well wants something to be done about it. She’s claiming people are mocking her with these verses.

She doesn’t like it one bit, no sirree.

This topic came up after she invited OAN right-wing “correspondent” John Hines to interview her after an anti-transgender poster hanging outside her congressional office was defaced, Raw Story reports.

Standing next to the sign that read “There are two genders: MALE & FEMALE” Greene was mad that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) didn’t drop everything and provide extra security.

I know just how she feels — especially when Capitol Police who are in the middle of doing their jobs get attacked by rabid Trump supporters. Annoying, isn’t Marge?

“It seemed to be a pattern that started with seven of the different attacks and the attacks were against my Christianity,” she told Hines. “They were stickers that would go up on the sign attacking me, mocking me using Bible verses.”

Well, perhaps God has a sense of humor, dear Marge since you mocked David Hogg, a survivor of the catastrophic shooting at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida. Or when you mock Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and claimed she’s “not smart.” Even though AOC graduated cum laude from Boston University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics and in international relations.

And you Marge, clearly did not.

But you’re busy talking to Hines, who works for One America News, which is arguably about as fake as Donald Trump’s hair. Take a gander at Media Bias/Fact Check and you’ll see what I mean.

“You’ve had protesters come to your office and just basically refuse to leave,” Hines, ever the astute reporter, observed.

“Oh yeah, we’ve had all kinds,” Greene said. “Sometimes I’m in here late at night and I may be here by myself and I don’t feel safe.”

Well, I’m willing to bet trans people in the U.S. don’t feel all that safe either, considering that they are attacked and murdered at alarming rates.

But you do you, Marge. Because I’d be highly surprised if anyone else wants to be you, Marge, even if you are in close competition with Lauren Boebert for the most idiotic person in Congress.

Oh, and Greene also purports that she knows who the sign damager is, claiming the assailant is a staffer for Rep. Jake Auchincloss (D-Mass.). However, Auchincloss has declined to fire the staffer. The Justice Department is also refusing to press charges. After perhaps having a good laugh over this nonsense.

Dang, I’d say this woman is dumb as a rock but that would be an insult to rocks.

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