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Alex Jones’s Texts May Spill Open the Jan 6th Conspiracy: Roger Stone Already Screaming ‘Set-Up!’

We haven’t even seen Alex Jones’s texts yet, but we did see him go white in the face when he realized that his texts were accidentally released by his own attorney. Is it possible that Jones wasn’t even thinking about the current trial and the money damages that he might face? Is it possible that he was thinking of a possible crime committed in January of 2021? After all, this is the guy who was on camera in June of 2021 saying that “the White House” asked him three days prior January 6th to lead the crowds from the Elipse up to the Capitol.” Does he have texts on his phone that implicate him and many others in the January 6th crime?

If one looks at Roger Stone’s reaction, one is left thinking that there must be something in Jones’s texts that relate to Roger Stone, and we know that both of them crossed paths in the days prior to January 6th. Why would Roger Stone panic and claim that Jones was being set up through the release of Jones’s own texts if there wasn’t something in those texts implicating Jones and, perhaps – Stone in something? And what is the most likely thing? And what is the most likely thing that would get Stone screaming so loudly?

We want to remind people that we reported way back on June 16, 2021Ā that Jones went on camera and seemed to implicate himself in what people were already talking about as a crime. Back then, we reported:

The InfoWars host made the comments on his page. He claims that he put up $500,000 of his own money to be a part of the event. ā€œThe White House told me three days before:Ā WE ARE going to have you lead the march,ā€ JonesĀ remarked.Ā 

And we put in the video: (MORE BELOW)

That is Jones implicatingĀ the White HouseĀ in directing the march up to the Capitol. That sounds very coordinated.

But more importantly, given that Roger Stone is now going nuts about Jones’s attorney setting Jones up, Stone may be starting to set up Jones’s defense in order to set up his own defense because we know both were together on the night of January 5th and we know that Trump was fighting with Secret Service agents to get to the Capitol himself. It seems hard to believe that Stone would be out of the loop.

We can’t know. It is very interesting, though. What if Jones has evidence that implicates Stone and him in the conspiracy, and what if the texts imply or discuss what “Trump said”?


[email protected], @JasonMiciak, with Nicole Hickman

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