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Anchor Who Was Fired for Texting Photos of His ‘Junk’ Says That Twerking is Corrupting Our Youth

Newsmax host Eric Bolling is all up in it about twerking, saying it is the cause of “moral decay” in the U.S. Perhaps he’s done a lot of reflecting on this since he was fired by Fox News for allegedly sending unsolicited lewd photographs to female colleagues in 2017.

But on Wednesday, he was really in a fine mood, complaining about the suggestive move on his program Eric Bolling The Balance. Things were off and running when he launched into a rant of epic proportions after showing a viral TikTok video by Rhode Island State Sen. Tiara Mack, who posted herself practicing her twerk moves at a beach on July 4th, Newsweek reports.

Mack is fiercely and understandably unapologetic and said so in a My Turn op-ed for Newsweek. And why should she have to apologize, she’s by herself for criminy’s sake. For her, twerking is a form of self-expression and she writes that she prefers to “lead with empathy, love, compassion, and joy in all that I do.”

But that’s not how conservatives like Bolling or Tucker Carlson work. They lead with hate, anger, and hypocrisy.

“Remember the Democrat Rhode Island state senator twerking upside down and posting it to TikTok?” Bolling asked in a clip that’s now been viewed nearly 87,000 times on Twitter. “This is apparently the Democrats’ best, but really, what all of this highlights is a generation of attention-hungry children who never grew up.”

Bolling’s next step is to complain that we are in a “twerking epidemic” while airing footage of a woman and a child at a Pride parade where people were dancing in the streets.

Rhode Island state Sen. Tiara Mack, D-Providence, posted a video of herself twerking, and is now facing harassment and death threats.

In the footage, the young child appears nervous and it looks like she’s forcing the child to watch the dancing, but we don’t know the circumstances here. But apparently, Bolling does, because he knows everything. I mean, that’s why he’s on Newsmax, isn’t it?

“Look at this,” he says. “A parent forcing her child—forcing him to watch radical LGBT activists. That’s right—you guessed it—twerk during Pride celebrations.”

“Not only is this the moral decay in America, but there’s clearly a twerking epidemic,” Bolling complained. “And the left-wing mob is doing everything, everything they can to keep the twerking going and corrupt our nation’s youth.”

He went on to say that twerking is an attempt by the left to “deprive children of their innocence,” “destroy the family unit,” and “destroy faith.”

This from a guy who was booted from Fox News after a report from the Huffington Post, citing a dozen different sources alleging Bolling sent an unsolicited photo of male genitalia to three female colleagues. Bolling denied the allegations but the network conducted a month-long independent investigation that resulted in his ousting from the cable news channel after being an anchor there for ten years. He has hosted his Newsmax show since July 2021.

If Bolling is going to bring up “moral decay” in America, perhaps he should look inward rather than attacking people like Tiara Mack and others who are simply having a good time.

As you might expect, Bolling is a good friend and enthusiastic supporter of Donald Trump. The two met on the set of Trump’s former show, The Apprentice. The former president apparently even considered appointing him to the U.S. Department of Commerce, but quite obviously that didn’t happen.

Fox News fired Eric Bolling in 2017 after he was caught sending lewd photos to female colleagues.

This is the most troubling aspect of Republicans: they’re worried about children in the womb and they are worried about LGBTQ people “grooming” them (the current dog whistle being resurrected by conservatives). But they’re not worried about if a child is fed, has healthcare, and has a place to call home. In fact, if a child is born to poor parents you can pretty much guarantee that the GOP will do everything it can to prevent that child from receiving any help. And now that Roe v. Wade has been overturned it’s just that much easier for them to do that.

But look on the bright side: If you’re a poor but reasonably attractive woman in the GOP, you might receive an unsolicited d**k pic. You just never know.


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