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Dr. Oz Told Voter He Has Two Houses, He Actually Has TEN — and John Fetterman is Having a Field Day

To say that Dr. Mehmet Oz is not faring well against his Democratic challenger, Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman in the race for the Pennsylvania Senate is somewhat of an understatement. Newsweek is reporting that a poll released by Pittsburgh Works, a business-union alliance group shows Fetterman is leaving Oz in the dust, commanding a lead of more than 20 points.

And this recent controversy that’s now come to light isn’t helping Oz one bit. He’s trying to explain why he lied about having 10 (count ’em — 10) by saying he only owned two. Video footage of this public embarrassment was obtained by The Daily Beast at the Carbon County Fair in Palmerton, Pennsylvania last weekend, RollingStone reports.

In the video, we see the reality TV huckster being approached by someone identified as a “Democratic campaign operative.” That person asked Oz “How many houses do you own?”

“Well I — legitimately I own two houses,” Oz replies. “But one of them I’m building on. The other one I rent.”

And now, the not-so-good doctor finds himself in the awkward position of trying to explain how two houses actually turned out to be ten — several of which are sprinkled all over the eastern seaboard, while two are in Turkey, according to this report by Rolling Stone.

Understandably this led Fetterman to question this, and he shared a link on Twitter from the Daily Beast story.

“I’ve never spoken to a PA resident who doesn’t know how many houses they have… let alone be off by 8,” he tweeted Wednesday. “I can’t tell if he’s trying+failing to sound like a regular (with ONLY TWO mansions) or if he genuinely has no idea.”

But instead of offering up some sort of apology, Oz offered a snippy retort worthy of Donald Trump, whom he supports.

“I purchased my houses with MY money. You lived off your parents until you were almost 50,” Oz responded. “Regular people don’t mooch off their parents when they’re 50. Get off the couch John!”

Twitter users were NOT okay with this and they were quick to call out his tactlessness. More than a few noted that Fetterman did receive financial assistance from his family, but it was while he was only being paid $150 monthly while he served as mayor of Braddock, Pennsylvania, a rust belt town that’s seriously in decline, from 2006 to 2019. Indeed, most of the jobs Fetterman has worked have been low-paying community-oriented jobs — including doing a stint with Americorps and the Braddock Out-Of-School Youth Program.

So what has Oz done? During his post-medical practice days, he’s shilled quack weight loss remedies and announced that astrology can provide insight into a patient’s health problems. Over time Oz has clearly turned into a charlatan and this concerned 10 doctors who sent a letter to Columbia University, where Oz was serving as vice chair of surgery and director of integrated medicine. In their letter, the doctors denounced him for “promoting quack treatments and cures in the interest of personal financial gain.”

Fetterman was apparently unbothered by Oz’s insults, and he instead asked him “How many houses?”

Oz replied with a tweet that was still ridiculous.

“I have 10 properties (disclosed when I announced). 2 homes.” That still makes things about as clear as mud.

So for the record — here are the total number of homes Oz owns, and their locations:

  • One 9000-square-foot mansion and a condo in New Jersey; a 7000-square-foot house in Pennsylvania; two condos in Manhattan; a beachfront mansion in Palm Beach, Florida (near his buddy Trump); a farm in Okeechobee, Florida; two residential properties in Sariyer, Turkey; and a student dorm in Konya, Turkey. The Daily Beast also notes that his wife has two properties of her own — in Maine and New Jersey.

And can you really call THIS a “house”?:

Recent data shows that Oz is in an echelon few of us can ever hope to reach. Only 65.8 percent of Americans own a single property. Meanwhile, there’s data from 2018 that shows only 5.5 percent of Americans own a second home.

I’m glad Fetterman is doing well against Oz, who is really nothing more than a snake oil salesman who’s clearly in it for himself. Kind of like his buddy Trump.

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