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IT’S A CULT: Woman at Trump Rally Shows Off Her ‘MAGA Gown’ That Represents ‘God, Country, Trump’

‘God, Country, Trump.’

Why do we think that the woman we’re about to tell you about below got the priorities (to her) out of order, or was at least redundant?

First of all, in what way does a Trump gown represent God? Is she saying that God hates all liberals, including Joe Biden, a man who has gone to mass every weekend for decades and a man who is fighting to get more money into healthcare for people of lesser means, get more money back into the SNAP funds, the man trying to get the minimum wage increased to decrease poverty, these are all things that Jesus preached that brought you closer to God’s mission – if one believes in God, as this woman purports to?

Second, how does she believe in the country if she’s going to listen to a man that hates over half the country? You don’t get to say that you love America if you’re unwilling to acknowledge that it has a legitimate president, one that is doing all he can to help line things up in a way he believes makes things better for everyone in the country. If she hates us “libtards,” immigrants, LGBTQ, and left-handed people (for all we know), how can she purport to love this country?

Third. MAGA!! How many gowns has she made in tribute to God? Just God?

First Commandment: “I am the Lord Your God, though shall have no gods before Me.” It looks to us like MAGA is mixing in religion, and that makes Trump a “god.” We warned readers last year that we research some articles stating that MAGA was well beyond a cult and becoming a religion.

Twitter had a field day:


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