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Joe Scarborough Goes Viral After His EPIC Tweet Thread Attacking the WSJ for Defending Trump

It is absolutely stunning that a few entities on the Right believed that the affidavit reveal didn’t live up to their expectations, which is a little tough to do when most of the important stuff is blacked out. But apparently, the Wall Street Journal was “unmoved” by the fact that Trump had files that – by their very nature, can get people killed. It is odd because the WSJ has been pretty consistent lately in holding Trump accountable, to the point that people believe that Murdoch is sick of Trump.

But while the New York Times was calling for Trump’s arrest, the Journal said, “Is that it?” And the Journal also attacks what it calls “anti-anti-Trumpers” – which would seem to be MAGAs, but whatever:

We aren’t defending Mr. Trump’s behavior in any of this. He brings much of his trouble on himself. But his political enemies make it worse when they break political norms themselves. They also help Mr. Trump by making him into a political martyr. If you’re going to indict a former President, you’d better have him dead to rights on something bigger than mishandling documents.

He did not “mishandle documents.” He STOLE secrets, mother ffffff!!!

Joe Scarborough lit into the Journal with more passion than we’re used to seeing from the old “Florida First District” boy.

Scarborough has some cred in this area because he says he often agrees with the Journal:

“Unlike many, I often agree with @WSJopinion and salute them for going after Trump’s worst excesses on undermining elections and his unAmerican actions surrounding January 6. Still, the anti-anti Trumpism infecting their FBI/DOJ attacks through the years [has] been unfortunate.

And then the hammer:

Trump will always be a grave counter-intelligence threat until he is jailed. He is also a threat to the order of a working government. As Trump tries to split the FBI, encouraging agents to revolt, he continues to do nothing but divide people up into those who defend him and those who don’t, bringing us closer to a confrontation every day.


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